2018 Golden Hour Challenge


Thanks Chris still waiting for your exquisite masterpiece’s


Nice shot.


Thanks Richard


Second offering, taken at 200 ft, with Mavic Air on Hyper lapse set at 2 second intervals, Full Auto , F2.8, 1/123th Sec, ISO 100, -0.3 Step.
taken at the Hill overlooking The University Of East Anglia at 18.36pm on 27th September.
Taken as unedited, straight from the SD Card.
This is just one shot from the 64 shots taken, I then reverted to video for the remainder of the session, due to the wind movement of the drone.


behave yourself ! Jeff,
patience is a virtue, I’m not hitchcock !!


Great shot Chris
If you had lightroom you could have combined them in hdr which what I did in the other thread it allows for jitter
Just a thought


As I have said before Jeff, do not like making pictures lie !
believer in “what you see is what you get” sa la vie “
I have not got the editing resources like a lot of people.
I have always had the belief that if I am happy with it ,then so be it.




What a fantastic sunrise this morning.
I saw it from my bed … and went back to sleep. :zzz::zzz::zzz:


I just realised I could post my latest here too as well as the daily photo thread! That’s efficiency. Maybe I’ll only ever need one photo! This ticks the boxes, literally! It’s dawn over Box.


Stunning capture :+1:


Thanks Bri. Like a glacier isn’t it…?


Is this a pano?


Yeah, but then cropped a bit because there’s always tooooo much sky


No panos allowed in this challenge otherwise I would have entered my own :disappointed:


Indeed … @MementoMori is correct …


That’s an awesome photo. Well done mate.


Thank you and welcome to GADC


Aww, harsh! Well I’ll just go take some more dammit!


North Shields fish quay Sunday 23-09-18 19:03