2018 Golden Hour Challenge


Yes. And for stills, noticeable.
But converted into 30fps video from full frame 16:9 jpg … you’ll not really notice a great deal of difference.


Not sure if even that would work for RAW, the stills file size is still massive!.


Yup. I think @callum said the RAW on the M2P are c.40MB.
Would be interesting to know the fastest interval on the M2P, though … in each mode : JPEG, RAW, and both.



All pics taken Sept 26th from where I work looking down the Severn estuary towards portisjead at approx 7.00pm this is sunset pics


Hi! I’m a newbie!
I’ve only just got my Mavic Pro - this is my first photo from above my house - that happened to be of the sunset, so thought I’d enter it!


Hi Lucy. Welcome to GADC!

What a great first post, too. :+1:


Welcome Lucy.
Great picture.


Welcome Lucy, nice to have “one of the fairer sex” in the Madhouse!.
Great 1st post picture !


Haha! Yeah I can fly it - just can’t park it! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The wife’s the opposite, can drive like crazy, but, can’t fly !.
Easy solution to that problem !.
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Hello & Welcome Lucy.
Nice first photo, I like the rays, you could probably make that pop with some editing.


Love the cloud cover, well done



Just a reminder!!!

Full info in the first post in the thread up here >>> 2018 Golden Hour Challenge


Sorry I submitted more than 5 didn’t know which ones to use… can’t quite work out yet how to add text and photos.


Probably easier if you re-submit in a new post and I’ll delete the previous entries?




My offering
Taken on Wednesday 26th September at roughly 6.55pm next to winter hill in Lancashire with the Pike in the foreground


Very nice one Jeff !