2018 Pano Challenge


Thanks to the judges for choosing my picture, really chuffed :grin:and congratulations to @leeheyes and @milkmanchris.

I mentioned on another thread that these challenges have helped me to push me to get out with my drone and improve my photography. Hopefully we can encourage a lot more members to get involved as there have been some fantastic images posted here.


Congrats @BrianB well deserved

And well done to @milkmanchris & @leeheyes as runners up


Love it!


Thank you judges, a most unexpected result, my entry really was a quick up and down to say I’d flown the drone in Tenerife and to show my mate @davemichaels what the MP can do.

Thanks really goes to Hangar360, as I have harped on about forever (it would seem) it really is a no brainer for ios users, once you get over the non ownership of your images and heaven knows what they do with them

Big up finally to @BrianB, your entry was a winner as soon as I saw it, brilliant.

Kuula of mine if any one is interested.


Congrats @leeheyes, @milkmanchris and especially @BrianB for that cracker of a shot.


Thanks for all the nice comments- I am going to work on a little video I took at the time to show the birds weren’t quite a serene experience as they look on the image!!! In fact it. Was bloody scary :sweat_smile:


They can be a little over inquisitive! I had some problems back in the summer when I was flying at Hythe on Southampton Water.


I bet you shit a brick when you seen that on your screen.


I’d already had some low-level encounters with them that were worse … only 25ft above the water and no time to recover if there was non-terminal contact.
So - new strategy - launch and asap to 400ft. It took them about 1 minute to seek me out. LOL!


I worked on the basis that they wouldnt directly attack the MA but just come close to try and scare another ‘bird’ away. I remained static and the flock circled further and further away. I thought if I move there is more likely to be an ‘accidental’ hit.


The previous encounters were so well populated by the things that (a) I couldn’t actually see it, just something that resembled a flying herring bait-ball, and (b) I was so concentrating on working out how to escape them I never had a spare neuron capable of thinking I should start recording. :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations everyone!

There were some simply stunning entries.

I must admit, I far prefer the treasure hunt challenges as these “judging” ones are soooo hard to call, they entries are all amazing :blush:

Congrats once again to everyone :smiley: