2018 Pano Challenge


And a bloody great one at that :smiley:


It’s amazing how weird it looks if you place it in totally the wrong position. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are five options for different ones I believe now.
I’m not always sure about adding it though.

I’ve just had a thought now you’ve said that, you’ll have to wait and see if I get the image I want first though.
I’m not giving away my secrets just yet :laughing:


Another from Pontcanna, Cardiff.
5 shot pano edited and cropped, taken 28/12/2018 @ 08.41am


Sorry to say , I have no entries to this challenge yet, been to busy on run up to Christmas


Went out last night to try and get some night shots, on the way it became foggy, I did get up in the air but I did have a few problems trying to get the shots I was hoping for at the start so I gave up on others I had planned.
I did take a 360 with Hangar which I intended to stitch myself, I tried the usual three pieces of software I use but they all failed with the same part of the photo.
The only other option was to let Hangar try and do its thing and it bloody well worked :scream:
It’s not the greatest 360 with the diffused foggy grainy image but it’s all I got and possibly my last entry unless I get lucky today before closing time :thinking::crossed_fingers:


Yup, that’s foggy :smiley:

Might also be the first / only foggy 360 I’ve ever seen? :thinking:

Thanks for the entry!


I’d nearly given up with it but thought I had nothing to lose and give Hangar a chance to complete it :blush:
No problem.



3rd entry is from 27th December from Hayling Island looking across at the sunset. The flock of oystercatchers was not planned but shot up from the water as I positioning the MA. This is made up of (3 x HDR) x 3 shots and so took some selection to get the right positioning of the birds.

I did take some video footage as they were flying around me as I thought best to stay still and let them avoid me rather than me move and avoid them!!!

Photographic Order of Merit Gallery
Photographic Order of Merit Gallery

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That’s an amazing shot @BrianB


My 4th entry is is from the same time and place. and was a shot I had been planning. This signal is from the old ‘Billy Line’, and old railway line that ran from Havant to Hayling Island. I had been hoping to get the setting sun to light the signal and the bridge behind. A panorama made up of 3 shots.


Last entry is from 28th December during the morning blue hour. Sun and clouds had been forecast bit only the clouds arrived! This is made up of a series of 4 images and shows old Portsmouth, Portsmouth Harbour and across to Gosport.


Thanks Richard, likewise on your sunrise over Cardiff :+1:


Well done all those that have taken part this will be a hard one to judge so may good ones
every chance i have had its been to windy or raining today was supposed to be good but as Peter Kay would say its been “spitting” all day


Quick last minute entry - it’s all I have as not going to try to master night flight, photography and 360° all in one go this evening! :exploding_head:


Thanks for your entires everyone - we shall have some news for you in the next day or two :smiley:


OK, guys!!! The news you’ve all been waiting for!! Awards Night!

Firstly - thanks to all those that entered! :+1:

The committee have ranked the 16 entries, then those ranking have been averaged, and then those averages have themselves been ranked.

Third Place - 2018 Pano Challenge Winner - Bronze Badge Winner

@leeheyes - Link to entry.

Second Place - 2018 Pano Challenge Winner - Silver Badge Winner

@milkmanchris - Link to entry.

… AND …. THE WINNER OF THE 2018 Pano Challenge is ……
First Place - 2018 Pano Challenge Winner - Gold Badge Winner

@BrianB - Link to entry.


Deserved Winner !, Well Done Brian !
Congratulations to all the other winners !!
All great Photos !


Congrats Brian, yours was my winner too