2018 Treasure Hunt Challenge

The Grey Arrows Drone Club is pleased to announce its third Challenge!

Here’s your chance to win a super rare, exclusive badge to grace your Profile page! Haven’t heard of GADC’s awesome awards? Check out our announcement regarding Badges, Awards and Challenges.

Welcome to the ‘2018 Treasure Hunt Challenge’. The objective is simple - photograph or film as many of the treasure hunt items listed below in the allotted time frame (approx. six weeks).

The winner will be the person who has ‘collected’ the most objects from the list below.

We have three awards available for you to win in our first challenge. They are:

1st Place Winner - Gold Trophy

2nd Place Winner - Silver Trophy

3rd Place Winner - Bronze Trophy

There are 20 treasure hunt items to collect:

  1. Canal lock
  2. Castle
  3. Clock Tower
  4. Cooling Tower
  5. Crop Circle (man made or otherwise :alien:)
  6. Electric Train
  7. Mill
  8. Monument
  9. Pier
  10. Reservoir
  11. Sandy Beach
  12. Something over 100 years old
  13. Steam Train
  14. Suspension bridge
  15. Tall Building (with 10 or more storeys)
  16. Viaduct
  17. Water Tower
  18. Windmill
  19. Wind Turbine
  20. Yourself (i.e. A drone selfie)

The rules and small print for this challenge are as follows:

  • You must post your pictures or videos to this thread in order for it to be eligible (feel free to also post / duplicate it in the #media category if you wish).

  • This challenge is open from 22nd June 2018 to 31st July 2018, the closing date. Media posted to this thread outside of these dates will not be eligible. Your photos and videos must have been captured between these dates

  • You may post and submit as many entries as you wish to this Challenge but only one of each treasure item will count

  • You must tell us where the item was geographically located or what the item is called (the landmark name, for example)

  • The collected item does not have to be in working operation - A disused water tower is equally as eligible as a water tower currently in use

  • Media must be shot using your drone

  • Please abide by the Drone Code when shooting your media

  • The member with the highest number of items ‘collected items’ at 22:00hrs on the closing date will be deemed the winner and that member will be awarded the exclusive 1st Place Gold Trophy. The member with the second highest number of collected items will be awarded the 2nd Place Silver Trophy and the post with the third highest number of collected items will be awarded the 3rd Place Bronze Trophy

  • In the event of a tie at any position the Grey Arrows Drone Club reserve the right to declare an outright winner at that position


Challenge Leaderboard

LAST UPDATED: 02/08/18 @ 19:29

[1] @OzoneVibe

  1. Viaduct
  2. Mill
  3. Something over 100 years old
  4. Castle
  5. Electric Train
  6. Pier
  7. Reservoir
  8. Suspension Bridge
  9. Monument
  10. Cooling Tower
  11. Water Tower
  12. Canal Lock
  13. Tall Building
  14. Windmill
  15. Clock Tower
  16. Sandy Beach
  17. Steam Train
  18. Wind Turbine
  19. Crop Circle
  20. Yourself

[2] @MementoMori

  1. Suspension Bridge
  2. Yourself
  3. Castle
  4. Something over 100 years old
  5. Pier
  6. Tall Building
  7. Reservoir
  8. Steam Train
  9. Monument
  10. Viaduct
  11. Wind Turbine
  12. Canal Lock
  13. Clock Tower
  14. Windmill
  15. Water Tower
  16. Sandy Beach
  17. Cooling Tower
  18. Mill
  19. Electric Train
  20. Crop Circle

[2] @pilningpilot

  1. Suspension Bridge
  2. Yourself
  3. Mill
  4. Castle
  5. Monument
  6. Something over 100 years old
  7. Viaduct
  8. Clock Tower
  9. Wind Turbine
  10. Pier
  11. Sandy Beach
  12. Reservoir
  13. Canal Lock
  14. Water Tower
  15. Tall Building
  16. Cooling Tower
  17. Windmill
  18. Steam Train
  19. Yourself

[4] @suffolkfox

  1. Reservoir
  2. Mill
  3. Electric Train
  4. Water Tower
  5. Yourself
  6. Something over 100 years old
  7. Tall Building
  8. Wind Turbine
  9. Canal Lock
  10. Viaduct
  11. Monument
  12. Castle
  13. Windmill
  14. Pier
  15. Sandy Beach

[4] @BrianB

  1. Monument
  2. Castle
  3. Pier
  4. Clock Tower
  5. Canal Lock
  6. Windmill
  7. Viaduct
  8. Tall Building
  9. Something over 100 years old
  10. Cooling Tower
  11. Mill
  12. Electric Train
  13. Water Tower
  14. Sandy Beach
  15. Yourself

[6] @Nazzcar

  1. Windmill
  2. Steam Train
  3. Yourself
  4. Mill
  5. Something over 100 years old
  6. Wind Turbine
  7. Suspension Bridge
  8. Monument
  9. Sandy Beach
  10. Electric Train
  11. Pier
  12. Reservoir
  13. Water Tower
  14. Viaduct

[7] @Renni-Aire

  1. Viaduct
  2. Canal Lock
  3. Water Tower
  4. Monument
  5. Something over 100 years old
  6. Castle
  7. Windmill
  8. Reservoir
  9. Electric Train
  10. Mill
  11. Steam Train
  12. Cooling Tower
  13. Yourself

[8] @Paul_M

  1. Windfarm
  2. Sandy Beach
  3. Water Tower
  4. Yourself
  5. Clock Tower
  6. Pier
  7. Tall Building
  8. Monument
  9. Castle
  10. Reservoir

[9] @milkmanchris

  1. Cooling Tower
  2. Wind Turbine
  3. Yourself
  4. Tall Building
  5. Water Tower
  6. Mill
  7. Something over 100 years old
  8. Electric Train
  9. Reservoir
  10. Canal Lock

[10] @Woolnut

  1. Pier
  2. Sandy Beach

[11] @Rodh

  1. Sandy Beach
  • Canal lock - No canals around here!
  • Castle - Hmmm … some NFZ busting might be needed. Allowed?
  • Clock Tower - … yes, we have one of those!
  • Cooling Tower - Yes - Need one on a hot day. Need a hot day more!
  • Crop Circle (man made or otherwise :alien:) - Hijacks a Combine!
  • Electric Train - OK
  • Mill - wind/water/tread - any preference?
  • Monument - OK - two a penny!
  • Ocean Pier - OCEAN? #WestCoastBias Channels and Seas mainly in these parts.
  • Reservoir - Not many of them where it’s flat … like here.
  • Sandy Beach - UK only?
  • Something over 100 years old - Why’s everyone looking at me!
  • Steam Train - Back to the 60s! I’ll grab my DeLorean
  • Suspension bridge - NOW you tell me! Was in Bristol the other day!
  • Tall Building (with 10 or more storeys) - I love tall stories!
  • Viaduct - There’s a northern bias here. No viaducts in the flatlands of southern England!
  • Water Tower - Would a Folly do? It looks like water tower! #Honest
  • Windmill - OK - that’s Hampshire written off!
  • Wind Turbine - I have no idea if there’s any in these parts! Plenty of wind!
  • Yourself - No - let’s not go there!


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On a more serious note (not difficult) do these have to be taken between now and 31/7? Or can we raid our archives?

@OzoneVibe we have lots of canals up here in the north
May struggle with ocean pier we only have the Irish Sea near blackpool
Wife isn’t a 1000 years old, electric train is a southern thing, sandy beach south ports has a lot of sand…
And the list goes on


Apologies for slightly beer induce post last evening. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is no preference on the ‘type’ of item (eg. Mill). No requirement for these to be captured in the UK either, if you’re on holiday over the next month then that’s fine too :+1:

Yes please:

We tried to put a mix of treasure items together because we fully realise nobody will have access to them all (without some serious travel involved!).

Besides, if it was too easy, you would all win :rofl:


(Have just removed the word ‘Ocean’ from the Pier item - thanks :+1:)

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Wow three posts in the morning is it your day off?

Are swaps allowed (I’ll swap you a pier for a watter tower !) :grinning:


Holiday images…did you have to remind me about me loosing my SPARK!!


Anyone been flying today?

Manage to collect any of the treasure hunt items??

I’ve ordered a heatwave for the UK next week :sun_with_face:


All done and dusted … but I didn’t want my retired status to piss other people off. I’ll post my entry in 2019. :stuck_out_tongue:

I DO have a hit list things to drone. But today I had to stay at home, wait for a delivery, and sunbathe whilst I was waiting. :wink:


Like the idea and getting my list going :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just checking that When posting the pictures, you want them all at the same time and not drip feed?

And can an item be submitted for more than 1 category? A picture of a monument that is also something older than 100 years?


A picture of a monument that is also something older than 100 years
[/quote] … with “yourself” standing next to the monument, a railway line running by on a “viaduct”, with an “electric train”, and a “canal lock” in the background (we all know canals run next to railway lines, right?)

There should be a special prize for anyone that can get 5+ in the same photo/video. :wink:


Drip fed please! That way we’ll be able to update the leader board on a regular basis :+1:

Hmmmm, good question :thinking:

What’s the general consensus of our club members on that one :question:

One per treasure item, I think.
But a prize for whoever can get most in one pic/vid as a silly extra. :+1:

I agree, had a few multiples in mind :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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