2018 Treasure Hunt Challenge


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Fairhaven Lake


Electric Train

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#5 - Crop Circle

That was a long night … sneaking about in a crop field … stakes, string and pieces of wood.

Pleased with the results when I went back to grab a clip and a pic.

Now for some sleep.

(I fib, too!)


Leaderboard updated!

@OzoneVibe propels himself in to the lead! (Propels… see what I did there??)

@pilningpilot flies up the leaderboard in to third place (flies up… see what I did there??)

@Nazzcar steadily climbs in to 4th

@MementoMori welcome to the competition!


Funnily enough… yes… there is :rofl:

Congrats on earning the somewhat-rare, but also unique, Plonker badge :smiley:


Have you seen the others this guy has filmed, some look really complex.


A staggering amount of planning and effort must go into some. Handy this one popped up yesterday not too far away.


That rule clearly needs tightening up for future GADC Challenges :slight_smile:

In this instance, the photo in question was indeed “shot using your drone” and because it was not made clear in the rules that the drone should be in the air, this photo will be accepted as a valid Clock Tower entry.

All current competition entrants have the right to appeal this decision. If two or more appeals are lodged, the validity of the entry will be put to a GADC Member Vote :+1:

Future GADC Challenges will clearly specify that the drone must be in the air (and by that we mean under it’s own steam, not just you holding it up above your heads :rofl:)


If Dave can have that as his Crop Circle, can I have this one? :rofl:


I’m assuming he actually filmed his :smiley:

Maybe that assumption was wrong?! :thinking:

@OzoneVibe? :scream:


Did you take that yourself?


Most certainly did!


Yes, from YouTube :laughing:


I may be half reclined and doing my blood doning, but I do have my evidence.

Of all the cheek!


I was fibbing about being up all night creating the actual crop circle. :+1:


#2 and #12?



Does this count for #20 Drone Selfie?


Can we get some more details please Rich? What is it? Where is it? Etc. Thanks :smiley:

Oh, and let us know if it is # 2 or # 12 - it can’t be both :blush:


Couple of off-topic observations on that video! 1) Was your signal ok during the flight? You’re surrounded by thick trees :open_mouth: and 2) I hope you didn’t have your Disconnect-setting as RTH, that could have got interesting to say the least :smiley:

Hmmmm :thinking:

It clearly wasn’t an intentional drone selfie for the competition, you just got lucky :rofl:

Selfie entry accepted and we’ll tighten that rule down on the next challenge too :smiley: