2018 Treasure Hunt Challenge


Yeah, sorry, this is all new to me.
Chepstow Castle on the Welsh/English border, taken Early Sunday morning after the Severn Bridge sunrise, so we will go with #2 for that.
The other is Tintern Abbey 4 miles up the road from Chepstow, I think that should qualify for #12 :wink:


In theory it was a drone selfie I thought of for the competition, this was just a part of the video I had already cropped for my mates on a car forum, I can do a quick edit and upload now so it’s more legitimate, this was on the way back from the others above.
If you look at the rock face above and behind me in that video, I have since found out that there is a place called The Crows Nest which I plan to go back to one day.

My signal was fine all the way through the flight, I only went out and back in again, but after I went out I then thought what a stupid thing to do and what if this that or the other happens :rofl:
I was a bit nervous about bringing it back :blush:

New Dronie #20


Leaderboard updated, thanks @MementoMori :+1:


#20 - Yourself

Well - it’s not quite how I intended it ending up …. but. hey-ho, here it is.

I’ll have to try again to get what I really wanted, but it’s slightly better than the last time I tried a totally manual pano with multi-appearance selfies …

… but the piece de resistance bottom image won’t include how ever I try, and several of the others needed tweaking, or completely manually aligned, in PTGui (ICE was just totally confused. Strange.) … and since I only have the trial version, the choice was a hi-res version with their name watermarked all over it, or a screen grab with the vertical and horizontal line on it. I went for the latter since, as a fail, hi-res won’t really fix the issues.
The main problem was the vertical angle between the rows of images.

Edit: One thing I’ve realised, as a result of having to do a lot of manual alignment of the images, the process of moving for each image took quite a bit of time, and the clouds were resulting in some images have bright sun and shadows, then another with no sun/shadows. That meant ICE, and a couple of other image stitchers weren’t able to fathom what was happening.
Another time I need it to be constantly sunny, or constantly clouded over.


@OzoneVibe. thought you would get that crop circle - saw it on Instagram yesterday!


I had alternative plans has one not so conveniently popped up less than 1 hour away. :wink:


So do I, stick and string ready and waiting at home​:wink::joy:


I’d love to try and create one, but I know how tough life is for farmers and wouldn’t actually do that.
I had a fiendish plan in my mind. :+1:


Well, just says a ‘crop circle’! Not precise as such…


I’ll keep my plan a secret for another Challenge. It’s way more fiendish than is simple. Will take some planning too.


Intrigued :face_with_monocle:


With the exception of one, totally unplanned, entry that I took in Yorkshire (Leeds - Tall Building), one in Oxfordshire (Didcot - Cooling Tower), one in Berkshire (nr. Newbury - Lock Gate), and one in Wiltshire (Crop Circle) … I managed all the others within Hampshire.


Congrats @OzoneVibe great effort and some great videos/ images


#9 Penarth Pier, Cardiff, around 6am this morning, so windy the MP was travelling backwards while trying to take this manual Pano.


#15 Tall Building, 18 storey Government Building, Ty-Glas Ave, Cardiff, I think this used to be the tax office years ago.


Loving the colour of that sky @MementoMori :+1:


Agreed :bowing_man:

Absolutely sterling effort Dave! When we were discussing the list month we didn’t for one moment think anyone would be able to get all 20, which is why it was such a diverse list!

As Brian said, great detail with each post too, really interesting to read :smiley:

And I love that selfie for # 20 - there are more @OzoneVibe’s in that pano than I can shake a low-noise prop at :rofl:


It was a load of fun, actually, and a genuine “challenge” to try and get them all within a sensible distance. Current diesel prices aren’t really compatible with my pension. Did more miles to get these than in the previous 4 months. LOL!


I got a little lucky, I was only going there because it wasn’t far from a appointment I had at 6.30, I just thought I was going to get a boring grey sky.


#10 Reservoir, Ponsticill Reservoir, Brecon Beacons.