2018 Treasure Hunt Challenge


#13 Steam Train, two to be exact at the Brecon Mountain Railway.


#3 or #8 :thinking: The Scott Monument and Clock Tower, Roath Park Lake, Cardiff.
I’ll go for #8 if it’s monumental enough.


#16 Viaduct, Pontsarn Viaduct near Ponsticill, Brecon Beacons.
I love how the pano bends it.


#19 Wind Turbine(s) near Merthyr Rd, Blaenau Gwent NP22 3AY


I was thinking last night that, if anybody else is watching it, Le Tour de France was way in the lead, especially when it comes to crop circles, and I loved the yellow jersey formed by kayakers in the sea a couple of days ago.

So, good to see @OzoneVibe has “brought it home”. Wonder if all Le Tour footage is by helicopter, or if they do now use drones as well?

Am hoping to up my dismal performance this weekend, I’ve been scuppered by parents house move/downsizing, that is being problematic (now on our second buyers). I did fly last weekend, but only locally, mainly to work on a photo for the village calendar competition


Mostly helicopter, however some of the Tour De Yorkshire footage was inspire captured, I only know this because I spoke with one of the crew teams taking the shots, a lot of the B roll is now shot this way to save costs.

The Yorkshire Marathon (starts and finishes on site where I work) is also the same.


Leaderboard updated - @MementoMori jumps up in to 4th place :clap:

Done :+1:


Thank you Rich, some of the ones left are going to be impossible for me I know :laughing:


@MementoMori some great pictures on that set, and the locations stunning


@BrianB, Thank you.
Finding the things on the list and then making them interesting is not always that easy I’m finding :laughing:


here we have a water tower up on clifton downs in bristol

a building of 10 stories sadly no history behind this one but it does have some pretty cool graphics in the other side, will try and get better pics showing the graphics another day

now we have some cooling tower at seabank power station in avonmouth. not the same spectaculer towers tha you see elsewhere but they installed these to bring down cost and improve cooling efficiency.

and last for today a windmill. this is a tower windmill origionally to gring corn built around the mid 1700 and conver6ted into a house in 1848. now a part of the windmill inn at portishead just outside of bristol.


#1 Canal lock, 14 Locks Canal Centre, Newport


#3 Clock Tower, Usk.
Not keen on this but it is what it is.


#18 Windmill, Llancayo Windmill near Usk, the only one in South Wales that I can find, got more chance of finding a crop circle :rofl:


Cracking windmill shots :clap::clap::clap:


Thank you @BrianB


Leaderboard updated :+1:

@pilningpilot moves up to second place and is getting ready to challenge @OzoneVibe for the title! Great entries Jon!

@MementoMori increases the entries but stays in 4th place - but is now only one entry behind the 3rd place position :smiley:



Central Pier Blackpool


UFO? No, #17 Water Tower, Radyr, Cardiff.


@MementoMori that’s some really cool pics. I do like😁