2018 Treasure Hunt Challenge


An hour maybe, trying to picture the angle to take the model train was a bit difficult, I think I took five shots at different angles, and the wind wasn’t helping.
PhotoShopping the train and power supply took the longest :grin:


It’s good. I probably wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for the power supply.


I realised something was “iffy” … but, initially, and had there been only the first pic, I was thinking “That’s one effing realistic scenery in that model train layout!!!” :wink:


That made me laugh :joy:


This would have been a great “crop circle” idea.


Another I thought of but didn’t see any about.


looks amazing


Doh!!!was going out tomorrow to find some…:pensive::weary:


If you manage to take photos of some with Puglian Truli in the background, I’ll both be very surprised and seriously envious! :+1:


Leaderboard updated :+1:

So guys, over to you!

Are we accepting this as a valid crop circle entry?



After all the work that went into it and visiting the place twice I’d say yes :laughing:
But then I am biased :rofl:


I’m biased the opposite way to @MementoMori … strangely enough. :stuck_out_tongue:
I still won! LOL


Really not sure about that pics. It is a good idea but it’s not strictly a crop circle as the crop part is not there any more. I think in most parts of the country it’s called a hay bale🤣


You’re referring to my “idea”, not @MementoMori 's Tiny Planet, I think.
Check the link in @PingSpike 's post.


Yes from me.


Just because you didn’t think of it :smile:


For ingenuity and originality I would say yes, especially at this late stage. If somebody else posts the same amount as @MementoMori and has a ‘proper’ crop circle then that person goes in front… just my two penneth


Thank you.
That sounds fair to me, otherwise I have to go to plan c :wink:


I’m with @Paul_M


So its been a while, I blew the dust off the Mavic and looked at the list (I wont be winning, night shifts and school holidays are not conducive to having a life)

Sykehouse Lock on the New Junction Canal, not far from me, and its interesting fact is that it was the last canal to be built in England for purely commercial purposes. Its also completely straight, you may remember it from the a video I posted at Kirk Bramwith a few months ago (strange sightings)

Anyway the guy in the boat was very pleasant, and didn’t mind me filming him.