2018 Treasure Hunt Challenge


Leaderboard updated :+1:

General consensus seems to allow @MementoMori’s crop circle entry, which slots him in to joint 1st place along side @OzoneVibe - which in turn then nudges @pilningpilot down to 3rd place.

And a recent entry from @milkmanchris advances him up to join 7th place alongside @Paul_M




I should have kept schtum about @MementoMori 's “autumnal” pics until after the challenge had closed. :rofl:


Ha ha, I have learnt now that I should read all that is on display :rofl:


Thank you all.
I do have another idea that I’ll get in for fun if I can manage it in time :smile:


I’m Victor Meldrew when it some to selfies (actually, when it comes to lots of things, come to think of it!), so possibly the easiest “Treasure” I’ve been putting off.

Anyway, since the MP has a “Dronie” Quickshot setting, here goes…

Dronie.MOV (4.6 MB)

It’s the village playing field


I hate being in front of the camera to so been putting that one off too!


Not by coincidence my Dronie was my last submission.


Well it wasn’t intended to be. Camping at Weston-super-Mare right now. There’s a pier, sandy beach, even wind turbines close by

Then there’s the gale force icy winds, the pouring rain…


And don’t forget the mud. Lol😂


Leaderboard updated!

@Renni-Aire Advances in points but stays in the same position :+1:

Just a few days left guys!!!


Yes, just discovered a valuable lesson- don’t leave things to the last minute when drones are concerned- as weather can really b****r up your plans!!!


Start the next batch of competition entries with an apology for the quality of the photograph!

This is Fawley Oil refinery from across the water. I travelled to this location for what I thought would be a good view. However, I picked the only hour in the last 4 weeks to have lots of clouds and high winds so couldn’t get very close and hence poor light and a large crop. Where are the cooling towers? Well, according to the local authority register register of cooling towers, there are 3 in Fawley, but I have to confess I do not know which ones!!!

Not sure why I let Lightroom add a watermark as don’t mind anyone pinching this


My next entry is for a the Mill

This is Quay Tide Mill, Emsworth, which was a water powered flour mill. Water was stored in the mill pond and then released at low tide to power the mill. The old gates at to the right of the mill below the footbridge. The Mill Pond itself was formed in 1760 when the mill on the Town Quay was built. The mill ceased to work as a tidal mill after 1921. The building is now the Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club. The large pale coloured building behind was the The Quay Mill Storehouse.


Next is the Electric Train - my first video upload and very short.

I had just arrived at the location and got the MA up in the air when the train passed. This is across the viaduct in Fareham from my viaduct entry.


Last for the moment is the a water tower

Taken in very early bright morning light, this is a very different kind of water tower and the only one of its kind in the UK. This is the Submarine Escape Training Tower at HMS Dolphin, Fort Blockhouse, Gosport. It was designed 1950-1, operational 1954 and then the Tower was re-clad in 1995. It is part of a facility used for training submariners in methods of emergency escape from a disabled submarine. It is a tall cylinder tower filled with water with several entrances at varying depths each simulating an airlock in a submarine. It is a Grade II listed building as this is the only escape training tank in the country and one of only a handful internationally.

The Submarine Escape Training Tank (SETT) is a 100-foot (30 m) deep facility primarily operated to conduct training with submarine escape equipment. It includes a fresh, chlorinated water column with a single escape chamber (as fitted to some classes of RN submarines) mounted at the base, through which students can conduct a fully representative escape cycle from 100 feet (30 m), closely replicating actions which would be required if forced to abandon a distressed submarine from depth.


A Sandy beach for my penultimate entry - this is Hayling Island Seafront- very popular for windsurfing and kitesurfing.


And my final entry is my dronie using the MA quick-shot. This is also at Hayling Island. As I mentioned in previous picture, popular for wind and kite surfing and hence the reason for a bumpy ride!


Well done to all this who got the 20.

As a newbie to drones, this competition has been a great way to help me get out and really start to learn how to fly. And also start to develop my video making skills, of which I have a lot to learn!
Thanks to the GADC team for setting it up and hopefully more to come over the year.



Just to get me over the 50%, heres my entry for (pre) sandy beach ;o). Airport bound at midnight will report any issues I find in Greece.


Leaderboard updated!

@BrianB jumps from 9th place up to joint-4th place with a last minute flurry of entries :clap:

And I loved this subtle touch @BrianB :smiley: :blush:

Challenge entries close at midnight tonight :scream: