2018 Treasure Hunt Challenge


Really enjoyed it too! Got everything I could, and got to know my Mavic and other people on here a bit better in the process!


Nice one OZONEVIBE and well deserved,but would not want your fuel bill.:rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:t2:


Just read back through some posts to see have far you had driven and found this, after you saying this and my questionable entries all I will reply to you is Drone code :wink:


Congrats all, it really was fun, though a couple of my 5.00am starts to get something done before the working day were questionable. It certainly got me out and about, and also taught me things about my local area - although I didn’t use it, I’d no idea there was a windmill only a couple of miles away from my house (must get out there and look at it!)

So thanks for the challenge :grinning:


A couple of 3am starts for me … the sun rises at a stupid time in late June … and getting in position ready for it was a killer! :wink: :+1:


Same for me, I’m up at 2am for 3am start on work days so didn’t find it that hard to do to catch any sunrise shots.
Getting up at 12.30 and a 2 hour drive to try and catch the Milky Way was a different story though, we missed it :rofl:
I also had a Red Kite take a lot of interest in the P4P and thought I was going to lose it that morning :relieved:
Luckily he flew away when I powered upwards.

Where is the next challenge? My first day off tomorrow and I was hoping to get out for a couple of hours.


Well done


Are we getting another challenge or have we got to wait until it stops raining next summer? :rofl:


One is in the planning stage. :+1:


Thats the good thing being a noob on here.
I really enjoyed looking through this thread.

Kudos to you all


Excellent weather, today, to have run this Litchi mission.
I must look out for a good day for this!!


@OzoneVibe Dave,looks like an interesting flight,what is that island thingy you want to fly round?:thinking:


It’s in the post I quoted. :wink:


LOL just seen it,yes that will be an great flight,cant wait to see the results!BTW,which bird will you send?:grinning:


Mavic Pro. :slight_smile:


Looks like a sensible way of flying, especially as maybe a lot of radio interference in the area from the Naval Base! Not sure my Mavic Air would have the battery range🧐

Be good to join you Dave


Only 11 minutes at a pretty sedate pace.

I’ll let you know when I think I’m headed down there.


I missed a perfect day for it …



Thanks, thought it would longer

About to be in between jobs so a lot more free time in a week or so👍


Just that minute I was looking at this evening’s wind and thinking …. night flight Litchi mission could be really cool!

Watching my strobes charge around The Solent! LOL!