2018 Treasure Hunt Challenge


“Guillotine guillotine” shout the crowd


I have to agree with that logic, added to which @OzoneVibe was the first to submit his 20


:tada: :tada: :tada: CONGRATULATIONS :tada: :tada: :tada:

We have ourselves some winners!

@OzoneVibe collected all 20 of the Treasure Hunt items :scream: To be honest, it’s something none of us expected to happen when we dreamt up this challenge. So a serious round of applause is due to Dave for going over and above to collect them all!! (not to mention the mileage he racked up in doing so!) Take a bow, Dave, the :trophy: Gold Trophy :trophy: is yours, and yours alone :clap:t2:

@MementoMori and @pilningpilot each win the Silver Trophy for joint second place with Richard getting “19+1” (for his now infamous crop circle :rofl:) and Jon getting a solid 19 with no questionable entries :smiley: :clap:t2:

Congratulations to you all, nobody else can win these badges, they are exclusive to you and you alone :blush:

The Leaderboard has been updated to reflect the final scores.

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries, this has been an absolutely enthralling challenge to watch. It’s also seen ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT entries :scream:

Each post was often accompanied by some great detail too (well, most were… not mentioning any names, ahem, @Nazzcar :rofl:) so again, thank you to everyone for also taking the time to not only post all your pictures and videos but also for taking the time to type up all the details!

Keep your eyes on the #challenges forum everyone as we’ll be announcing another GADC Challenge in the next week or two! (something a bit easier this time too!)

The Daily Photo Thread

Speech!!! Speech!!!



:bowing_man: :bowing_man: :bowing_man: :bowing_man: :bowing_man: :bowing_man:

I’d like to thank my parents for having sex on 29th November 1949 …. and Frank Wang … without whom this crazy hobby wouldn’t exist … @PingSpike for almost keeping the leader board up-to-date as fast as the entries were posted.

Easier? There’s a hint in the word “Challenge”. :wink:


TMI… :rofl:

But seriously, congrats once again Dave, your dedication to this challenge was simply outstanding :bowing_man:


Well done Dave :+1:


Well done Dave.

Great challenge. I enjoyed following it even though I didn’t get involved.


I thought I had 19 no questionable entries as well :rofl:
Well done to Jon for a joint second and to all those that entered keeping me on my toes :joy:


Trainset photoshop? :cough:


The original is there and it is an electric train, just as was asked for, the same as a crop in a circle :grin:
Play on words maybe, but all as asked for and taken with a drone.
I already said quite a few posts back that you had won anyway :smile:


Congratulations Dave, brilliant effort :clap::+1::clinking_glasses::champagne::beers:


And congratulations to @MementoMori and @pilningpilot :clap::clap::clap:


Thanks all for your kind words! :+1:
:trophy: :trophy: :trophy:

Well done to all entrants! You guys kept me on my toes more than I had anticipated. :wink:


I was really surprised by @suffolkfox too! You literally came out of nowhere and stormed to the front early on!!

Had everyone worried I think :wink:


Well done all have enjoyed the banter and some really good photos

i tried to get some photos while in Norfolk but forgot to post (note to self must try harder to remember to … )


Well done everybody and especially to the three winners :clap: I did enjoy taking part in my first challenge but some were a little out of my reach trying to balance work/life commitments and getting out and about. Thanks to @PingSpike for organising it all… please keep the next challenge at the same level, we may not be able to get them all but it is fun just trying


Well done to all, I would have loved to have a go but as droneless for the moment couldn’t, but it was fun to watch.


I agree