2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


But it was cold :joy:


All the tress around this morning and even a few pines but barely a snowflake on them - who’d have thought - will need to do better - and get more snow… :persevere:


I said I was done for the day… but it started snowing so here’s a little video flying above the car with the headlights on so you can see the snow falling.

Falling Snow.mp4 (7.6 MB)

Still not managing to embed uploaded video… Flickr to the rescue again…

Falling Snow


Number 29 Ski slope - Artificial with people on and in the dark.
Silksworth dry ski slope



Now that’s a great one to get - a 3 pointer :+1: should be a bonus point for real snow in the picture as well! :wink:


Cheers Brian.


I am guessing frozen water is ok? Can I also claim “Sunrise or Sunset, rising or setting through multiple trees” taken at 5.2m?
This was taken next to an abandoned church called St Peter’s in the Rushes. In the graveyard which is totally overgrown there a lots of really old slate grave stones from the early 1700’s. Apparently due to the muddy soil the villagers decided to relocate to firmer ground in the village Rempstone. This was on the main route from Loughborough to Nottingham, which had been turnpiked in 1737. St Peters was demolished and the “new” church All Saint’s was built in Rempstone with the stone from old St Peter’s, along with some new farms in the area. As many of the villagers had family graves at the old site, the grave yard continued to be used up until around the mid 1770’s.


Number 6 Snow covered pine trees
Wallsend Golf course
NE28 8SU


Number 27 - A winter scene worthy of a Christmas card
Was in the dark not dusk so not sure if eligible for bonus point
Holy Cross - Wallsend


Number 5 - Snow covered field.
St Peters Football field Wallsend


Number 23 - Hyperboloid-shaped cooling tower on a frosty or snowy day
West Burton, Lincs

Number 1 - Frozen Canal

Number 5 - Snow covered field

Number 2 - Frozen Lake
Daneshill Lakes, Torworth,Notts


Number 3 Dronie with Snow Angle (Feeling a complete tit)
22:00 ish

2019-02-02.mp4 (37.9 MB)


Number 4 - Snowman with carrot nose, coal eyes, stick arms and coal buttons
Went to loads of trouble to build a snowman at 23:30 last night with coal, carrot and sticks to find out when looking at video the scarf covered the coal buttons. if you look close around the 6 seconds mark you can just make out a bit of a coal button. Fingers crossed that bonus points will be awarded, but if not I will build another snowman.

Wallsend Golf Course


Number 17- Snow Plough and Number 20 - Flying whilst its snowing
B&M car park Wallsend


Fair play for going all out for the snow angel @GrahameRob :clap:

And I think we definitely have a new leader :+1:


Blimey it’s cold here this morning - just as well…


Completed in the late 1700’s, the 78 mile Oxford Canal joins the Thames and the Grand Union. Here at Somerton, it shares the Cherwell Valley with Railway, and quite a few decent pubs :grinning:. Don’t bother going to try to find the end of it in Oxford though - it just sort of finishes in the middle of nowhere, not the best town planning by the city council

It’s not been cold enough to freeze solid, but frozen it is here at Somerton #1 Frozen Canal. It was more impressive last year!


Great Central Railway this morning near Quorn

The sun’s reflection in water
– Canals, lakes, reservoirs, etc

Swithland Reservoir Leicestershire


Pretty good timing on the trains and both ‘steam’ :+1:. I can’t one around here at the moment!


Luckily I live not a million miles away from the Great Central Railway. The only place in the world where you can see full size steam trains passing each other. Unluckily for me, there isn’t any snow around here. :frowning: Very cold though. brrr.