2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


No bother, tbh when I got in from work and seen there was still frost on my roof and it was still day light I had a light bulb moment and got the mavic out and lit the fire. Plus I was checking my solar panels.


I did this morning too at mine in a bid to grab a pic of a ‘smoking chimney’…

I gotta admit, I wouldve thought ok if own property? this is my take on it but its good to get some clarification.:+1:


Well if it was your own roof @GrahameRob , that’s a different story.
No ones business but yours


Well it’s snowing down south now and even settling on the grass - just hoping that there will be some still around in the morning - certainly not enough for a snowman :snowman: Well not one big enough to be photographed by a done in the sky!!!


Blimey, I don’t look at this thread for 24hrs and come back to find 457 new entries!

Well, not 457, but a bloody lot anyway :rofl:

Cracking photos and videos guys, amazing efforts, I take my hat off to you :bowing_man:

And extra credit where due to @MementoMori for being the first to fly in the snow! :scream: :clap:t2:

So the all important Leaderboard has been updated again! Which took a while tonight I must admit :blush:

Tonights updates see:

While you’re reading this post, could we make a minor request of you all please…?

When posting your entries, it would help us immensely if you could post each entry as a separate / new post on it’s own please.

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Amazing entires everyone, thanks once again :bowing_man:


Nope… scratch that.

For some reason my Leaderboard changes weren’t saved!!!

Bear with me…


Ok… now the leaderboard has been updated!

Sorry about that, user error :blush:


With that in mind, please let us know if you spot an error or omission in the Leaderboard!


Entry for number 5 & 23


For number 27 if deemed worthy


Wednesday morning here in North Oxfordshire had the most stunning sunrise, frosty fields, moon in the sky, not a breath of wind - it was perfect. Except, a combination of walking a rumbustious dog, needing to get to work, etc etc it was not to be from a photographic point of view.

Before that, everywhere around had snow, but nothing convenient.

But, today, woo hoo, snow. The photo is not going to set the artistic world alight with excitement, but, nonetheless - #5 - Snowy Field


White Loch, south of Glasgow. Completely frozen, sun shining on the ice.

White Loch


And a little video taken flying over the frozen loch… at -6ºC (-7 if you believe the car)…

White Loch


Glorious colours in the video :+1:


Entry for flying in snow. This is in my back garden last night and only went up to about a short didstance mainly to keep it below my house roof and secondly because the snows was busting in the wind!
Taken last night at 9.25pm


360 Panorama taken at 8.10 this morning of the snow covered fields north of Westbourne village


Last one for now… my chimney.

Chimney.mp4 (46.3 MB)

(Not sure how to embed videos, so here’s a link to it on Flickr)



Poor Mavic,you lit the fire,and were going to burn it,how could you be so cruel ???:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Another flurry (LOL! Flurry! See what I did there?? :rofl:) of entries sees the Leaderboard updated once more!

Headlines from today’s update:

@BrianB advances his lead further still in the # 1 slot :scream:

@leeheyes and @JoeC both jump up the charts to take joint a 5th place :+1:t2:

And @Renni-Aire advances his position to take joint 10th place alongside @TassyWass and @andy_bee_1 and @scorps (a popular slot!) :smiley:

Excellent entries everyone :clap:t2:



It’s not too late to enter :smiley: