2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


The Grey Arrows Drone Club are pleased to announce the next in a series of Challenges!

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Welcome to the ‘2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge’ .

The objective is simple - collect (by means of photo or video) as many of the treasure hunt items listed below in the allotted time frame (approx. three months).

Each treasure hunt item collected earns you one point. Bonus points are also available for some treasure items.

The winner will be the person who has ‘collected’ the most points at the end of the Challenge.

We have three awards available for you to win in our challenge. They are:

1st Place Winner - Gold Trophy

2nd Place Winner - Silver Trophy

3rd Place Winner - Bronze Trophy

There are 30 treasure hunt items to collect and a further 20 bonus points available, giving a total of 50 possible points:

  1. Frozen Canal
    – Bonus point if a boat is frozen in
  2. Frozen Lake
    – Or any large expanse of water (reservoir, etc)
    – Bonus point if there is a pier or jetty in said lake / water
  3. Yourself
    – A dronie
    – Bonus point if you are making a Snow Angel (Example)
  4. Snowman
    – Must have a carrot for a nose, or a scarf for a scarf
    – Bonus point if the snowman has: Carrot for a nose, coal for eyes and coat buttons, sticks for arms (must have all three) (Example)
  5. Snow covered field
    – Agricultural, football, mine, etc
  6. Snow covered pine trees
    – Note the plural
  7. Sunrise or Sunset, rising or setting through multiple trees (Example)
    – Taken at a minimum height of 5m
  8. Log cabin
    – Must not be in a residential garden
    – Bonus point if there is smoke coming from a chimney
  9. The sun’s reflection in water
    – Canals, lakes, reservoirs, etc
  10. A photo or video taken at -5°C
    – Must also include a screen shot from AirData or UAVForecast showing it was -5°C or below
  11. Some Icicles
    – Note the plural
  12. People on sledges in the snow
    – Note the plural
  13. Deer
    – Rein or otherwise (do not frighten it / them)
  14. Decorated outdoor Christmas tree
    – Must be sited in a public area and illuminated
  15. Decorated house
    – Must have totally tacky and OTT lights and decorations
    – Bonus point if photo taken at dusk / dark
    – Bonus point if it has a reindeer in the garden
  16. Gritting truck in operation
    – Must be on a public highway
    – Bonus point if photo taken at dusk / dark
  17. Snow Plough / Blower in operation
    – Must have snow coming from it
  18. Emergency services vehicle stuck or being rescued
    – From either snow or some deep water / flood
    – Bonus point if the vehicle is a Police car
  19. Smoke rising from house chimneys
    – On an obviously frosty or snowy day
  20. Flying whilst it’s snowing
    – Must be able to see the snow in the shot
  21. The Coca Cola Christmas Truck
    – Bonus point if it is lit up (Example)
    – Bonus point if it is moving
    – Bonus point if it is lit up AND moving :clap:t2:
  22. Santa
    – Wildcard entry, completely open to any interpretation but make sure it’s interesting, this is a Challenge remember!
  23. Hyperboloid-shaped cooling tower on a frosty or snowy day
    – e.g. Drax, Ditcot, et al
    – Must have steam being emitted from it/them
  24. Steam train
    – Moving, on a frosty or snowy day
    – Bonus point if any other train is also in the same shot
  25. A church
    – Must have a spire and/or a bell tower
  26. Any object protruding above the fog or mist
    Example 1Example 2
    – Bonus point if it is a church spire or a chimney
  27. A winter scene worthy of a Christmas card
    – Bonus point if taken at dusk (Example)
  28. Outdoor ice rink
    – Temporary or permanent
    – Bonus point if there are people skating on it
    – Bonus point if taken at dusk / dark
  29. Ski slope
    – Artificial
    – Bonus point if there are people skiing or sledding on it
    – Bonus point if taken at dusk / dark
  30. Turkey farm
    – Before they’ve met their fate :slightly_frowning_face:
    – Bonus point if it’s one of Bernard Matthews

The rules and small print for this challenge are as follows:

  • You must post your pictures or videos to this thread in order for it to be eligible (feel free to also post / duplicate it in the #media:photos or #media:videos categories if you wish).

  • This challenge is open from 25th November 2018 to 28th February 2019, the closing date. Media posted to this thread outside of these dates will not be eligible. Your photos and videos must have been captured between these dates

  • You must tell us when the item was taken and where the item was geographically located and / or what the item is called (the church name, for example)

  • The collected item does not have to be in working operation - A disused log cabin is equally as eligible as a log cabin currently in use

  • Media must not have been captured at a ski resort or in a ski resort area

  • Media must be shot using your drone while it is flying

  • Videos must be a maximum of 30 seconds and may contain time-lapse and/or hyper-lapse

  • Entries must be taken within the guidelines of the Drone Code

  • The member with the highest number of points at 22:00hrs on the closing date will be deemed the winner and that member will be awarded the exclusive 1st Place Gold Trophy. The member with the second highest number of collected items will be awarded the 2nd Place Silver Trophy and the post with the third highest number of collected items will be awarded the 3rd Place Bronze Trophy

  • The first person to collect all the items and/or earn all 50 points may not necessarily be the winner (we understand people have jobs, families, lives to lead, etc)

  • In the event of a tie at any position the Grey Arrows Drone Club Committee reserve the right to declare an outright winner at that position

The Daily Photo Thread
No flying today, bloody weather!

Challenge Leaderboard

LAST UPDATED: 07/12/18 @ 20:16

[1] @leeheyes [1 point]

  1. Church


Where is everyone? Nobody completed?


No snow and not Christmas yet :laughing:


Neither are imperative for all treasures.


Some of my neighbours have Christmas decorations up already :scream:


I might have to send mine up on a night-time Litchi surveillance mission … :wink:


Sorted …. :rofl:


I’m to busy looking for a Bernard Mathews Turkey shed!!.
I know there is several around here…


"I’m not a Pheasant Plucker, but, a Pheasant Pluckers Son, I’ll go on Plucking Pheasants , till, my plucking days are done
(say it fast as you can 10 times !!!)


Think this challenge might be favouring our northern members! Can’t remember we saw too much frozen done here on the south coast… :snowman: :snowflake: but challenge accepted but might be a while before my first post :eyes:


I saw some up near here in September :open_mouth:
If it is up to me mine can stay in the loft :laughing:


Quite a bit of fog over the airport there Dave :laughing:


There certainly was …


Location is St Matthews in Harwell, Oxfordshire

How many points for a tree on a church?


Is this an entry to the Treasure Hunt Challenge @leeheyes mate?

If so, which item number are you claiming from the list of collectibles?

If not, do you mind if I move the photo to a new / different thread?



I’ll take number 25 please. Location is St Matthews in Harwell, Oxfordshire


Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first entry on the Leaderboard! :clap:t2:

Thanks @leeheyes :+1:t2:

Wondering if our summer Treasure Hunt entrants are going to join the winter challenge? :thinking:

Yup, I’m looking at you @MementoMori @pilningpilot @suffolkfox @BrianB @Nazzcar @Renni-Aire @Paul_M @milkmanchris @Woolnut @Rodh :wink:

And what about the rest of you??

Although granted, the forecast 80mph wind and rain may be somewhat hampering efforts :blush:


Two words, WORK and WEATHER :laughing:


We were probably wise to run this challenge through to the end of Feb :slight_smile:

I’m not sure much flying will get done by anyone this month :-1:t2: