2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


Can the next one give us down south half a chance please


Ummm - where does the person in 2nd place live?


Yeh but he travels and doesn’t sleep :joy:


We should get him to do a map of all the locations … I think you’d find they are all rather “local”.


But all these snow shots cut the odds we need smog lol


Considering how much snow we had and the other shots he needed BrianB deserves an extra badge for going above and beyond true dedication to the task. not taking anything away from the others tho they all done great :+1:


I must admit if it didn’t snow in the North East that day/night I would have only got about 15 points. The dedication @BrianB and @andy_bee_1 showed was amazing as with everyone else that entered. For me it was just luck nothing to do with skill or quality of the pictures just pure luck.


But - when you get that feeling that “this is possible!”, as I did with the 2018 summer treasure hunt … it’s a great buzz, eh?

(Edit: Looking at my first post in the 2018 thread is entertaining! :wink: )

I’ll save you finding it …

  • Canal lock - No canals around here!
  • Castle - Hmmm … some NFZ busting might be needed. Allowed?
  • Clock Tower - … yes, we have one of those!
  • Cooling Tower - Yes - Need one on a hot day. Need a hot day more!
  • Crop Circle (man made or otherwise :alien:) - Hijacks a Combine!
  • Electric Train - OK
  • Mill - wind/water/tread - any preference?
  • Monument - OK - two a penny!
  • Ocean Pier - OCEAN? #WestCoastBias Channels and Seas mainly in these parts.
  • Reservoir - Not many of them where it’s flat … like here.
  • Sandy Beach - UK only?
  • Something over 100 years old - Why’s everyone looking at me!
  • Steam Train - Back to the 60s! I’ll grab my DeLorean
  • Suspension bridge - NOW you tell me! Was in Bristol the other day!
  • Tall Building (with 10 or more storeys) - I love tall stories!
  • Viaduct - There’s a northern bias here. No viaducts in the flatlands of southern England!
  • Water Tower - Would a Folly do? It looks like water tower! #Honest
  • Windmill - OK - that’s Hampshire written off!
  • Wind Turbine - I have no idea if there’s any in these parts! Plenty of wind!
  • Yourself - No - let’s not go there!


… then I get the lot! :rofl:


Well with all the skill in the world you still need luck! but even with that you have to take advantage of that luck and you did just that , a well deserved win, well done :+1:


The one shot that I wanted to get more than anything was number 26. Any object protruding above the fog or mist. I love to see pictures above the fog but unfortunately couldn’t get one even tho it was foggy most mornings up here last week the fog was just too thick.

The best I could manage was this overlooking the now derelict Swan Hunter Shipyard looking down the Tyne as the fog was thinning but unfortunately nothing protruding.


Just an early riser Colin!

It’s true that I think all but one were within 10 miles, but lucky to have a variety of places - though a couple now under a new FRZ!


Hey, winners …. @GrahameRob, @BrianB and @andy_bee_1 … the GADC Merchandise Shop is now open for you to choose your prize goodies! :+1:


Thank you, but Brianb was the well deserved winner not me…However…I now know what to spend some of my back pay on.


Eff! #TooManyBrians! :stuck_out_tongue: