2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge


I reckon this challenge cost my about 60 quid in diesel and 3 weeks of shit from the wife for spending a full weekend out with the drone and sorting out pictures. :joy::joy:


I know what you mean, my wife just doesn’t understand me! :rofl:


I think winning the 2018 Summer Treasure Hunt cost me about 4x the diesel and would never have happened if there’d been a wife. :wink:


I’m going to tell her that the Osmo pocket that I’ve just bought was the prize for winning :wink::joy::joy::joy: just have to hide it from her for a few days.


GADC is becoming the “how to con her indoors so she doesn’t know I just bought something I can’t justify spending all that money on” club. :fearful:


You sound like @Mikemogs :rofl:


The things we have to do to spend our own money eh! :joy::joy:


is one the diet version? :smile:


Electric I think…Coke zero emissions :joy:


There must be two - or they discovered the elusive time dimension worm-hole …



Its the flux capacitor that does it :wink:


I just had a look at the dates and there are a few that double up.
I never knew there were two.


Plenty that don’t double up that would be damned impressive driving to get between in a Ferrari on empty roads!


How did I miss out on that competition?


Very true, I didn’t give that a thought.


Gets my vote.:wink::grin::grin:


Congrats you guys for grabbing the top spots :ok_hand::clap: . Very very much deserved.

Esp to @GrahameRob for showing us the way!!

Have loved this challenge. It started right when I got my first drone, so its been fab to have gotten out and about with my new toy. Looking forward to the next one :ok_hand:


Yes ! Congrats everyone . Good effort!!!


Congratulations to all, very well done to what was a difficult challenge :clap:


Well done @GrahameRob, @BrianB, @andy_bee_1 and everyone who took part.

Was great to see so many entries and a good bit of competition towards the end.