2019 Mixed Theme Challenge

Ahh @PingSpike I sort of presumed one had to post within those dates… ok, will look in my recent shots folder for something to share. Water shouldn’t be an issue, we have plenty of it in Wales!!!

Don’t forget the entries have to be taken during each 2 week period. :wink:

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Indeed and why I said my ‘recent shots’ folder :slight_smile:

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ADMIN EDIT: Sorry, this entry was posted after the window for the first theme had closed

  • Week 1 & 2 - Water
    – From 19/04/19 to 03/05/19
    Lakes, reservoirs, ponds, canals, the sea, etc

Despite the fact that we supply water to a lot of the UK, Wales can and does get some amazing sunsets and light shows… this shot is of one of the upper lakes at Calon Lan park about 20min drive from me and somewhere I frequent trying different angles, etc… this was the first time I got my drone up as prior times it has always been too windy. Admittedly, not the best shot but it’s one you simply can’t get on foot.

For those that want to see the where then try this link: Google Maps


Week 3 & 4 - Industry
Solar farms, cooling towers, railways, ports, etc
– From 03/05/19 to 17/05/19

There is almost always a reason I get to go out with my drone and it’s usually “wasting time”. For this image I was playing family chauffeur and went to a location I hadn’t visited in years, even though it is less than 3 miles from my house. Last time I walked up this hill in the picture there was just a Trig point and sheep. Now they share it with a wind turbing and two mobile masts.

So what industry is this… I see 3. Farming, telecommunications and power generation. You might suggest I’m pushing my luck :innocent:

My drones approx position was: here for this shot.


Taken 11/05/19 05:00 ish
Swan Hunters, Wallsend

I live a mile away from the world famous Swan Hunter Ship Yard once the best ship building yard in the world until closure in 2006. When I was at school in the mid 80’s you couldn’t get moved in Wallsend for the thousands of workers from Swans going for lunch in the town. The town was always busy and booming with the ship building industry but sadly now its dead with the town full of vape shops and secondhand shops. This site is now being developed for the offshore wind industry.


Taken in what was the Industrial heartland of Wales. Dowlais Top In Merthyr Tydfil. A now dying sight of a fully loaded coal train departing Cwmbargoed. The loco will run around it’s train before heading down the steep South Wales Valley. Taken today at 10am using my Mavic Air. Dowlais is notable within Wales and Britain for it historic association with ironworking, once employing roughly 5000 people, in works the largest in the world at one stage.


Hah @imleonbrown Dowlais Top is notable to me as the place where my then company car brakes decided to fail. Fortunately I was on a slight uphill bit, so downshifted and was able to coast clear across a roundabout (yes, I was ready to shove into the embankment) and then glide to a stop just after. Walked the 500yds or so to the McD’s and sat and drank coffee whilst waiting for the RAC.

Love your image though.

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Thank you. I had a lot to choose from but away for a few weeks so needed to get something in soon. Glad to hear a safe end to your experience of Merthyr. :+1:

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@stubbyd Very nice shot. Sometimes just the simply things around us are the best things. Just checked out the location and close to me in Cardiff. A great windfarm is also on the Rhigos. :+1: Good luck with the competition.


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Just like to say, really enjoying having these competitions on here. Really encourages you to get out. All the post have been amazing. Well done and keep it up.


Taken and submitted? or just taken?

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Taken and submitted. :+1:

Cheers I thought as much, industrial hunting it is then ;o)


Token entry from me… Taken just now. Straight up from my garden. Didcot in the distance…


@GrahameRob faulty video?


now the musics missing :thinking:

Sorry everyone (and @stubbyd in particular) for any confusion around that post I made.

I meant that it was too later to submit an entry for the Water theme as that window had closed. However, everyone should still enter because someone that entered in the Water theme may miss out on one of the other three :slight_smile:

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Right Ive got it this time. Any chance you could put this link to the original post please @OzoneVibe @PingSpike

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