2nd Litchi Mission - Almost Electrocuted My Mavic


This is my second Litchi Mission during which my screen froze and stuttered.
My buttock clenched, I wondered if I should hit the panic button but I thought I’d wait and see if the feed would return. Fortunately, the mission completed and the drone returned.
When viewing the video at 39 seconds…WTF revelation that the Mavic flew straight through a load of power lines - missing one by inches at 43 seconds !
So, if anyone ever wondered what would happen if your drone ever got too close to a power lines, watch this vid. You can’t get closer than this…

Couple of pics
Couple of pics

Ok one word of warning
Check where your going to fly and make sure there are no power or phone lines as they may not show up on a map or google earth

Oops you just found that one out :crazy_face:


Ok posted before I watched it and we’ll you missed it twice

As the immortal words in monty python “you lucky lucky bastard”


squeeky bum time!


The best place to check power pylons/cables is the Drone Assist app (when you’ve zoomed in far enough) and Open Street Maps.

OSMAnd is the mobile app that based around Open Street Maps (hence the beginning of its name).


Thanks @OzoneVibe . Looks very useful. The checklist is getting ever longer.


WOAH!!! You diced with death twice there!!! I was laughing until the 3RD powerline whizzed by!!! Lucky miss there! Always check the flight path :slight_smile:


Nice video though!


As @Longstride said … nice video - and such smooth panning/turning with Litchi!

Some slightly twitchy camera tilting at around 1:50. Might need to check the values on those waypoints and/or making use of the “Interpolate” option.


@OzoneVibe I think that was a Litchi bug. When I imported the mission into Google Earth, despite only having 1 POI in Litchi , I could see 3 POIs at exactly the same location but at different altitudes. I was contemplating erasing the mission and recreating it from scratch. I think that may be the cause of the excessive vertical gimbal movement.


Ah - yes - you are using the Chrome Extension. I noticed it constructs POIs differently (adding extra for calculations) … but the flight is all done through Litchi, so those extra ones won’t exist in the actual mission.


Ah Ha… ok. Then I don’t know why the excessive gimbal movement.


If you make it a public mission and post the link (or disable the extension and export the CSV and post that) - I’ll take a look, if you want.


Nice video @joe.k, it reminds me of when I was taking photos and video of the old Severn Bridge, I wasn’t flying Litchi, just flying manually in Go4, I knew about the power lines crossing the river and I was flying backwards zooming out of the bridge when the cables came into shot like your video, I almost sh!t myself expecting to lose my Phantom 4 Pro in the drink, at least I was able to just let go of the controls to stop, when my heart started again I gingerly guided it down and out, landed, packed up and decided it was time to go home :blush:


My screen had frozen , so I didn’t see it live. Just as well… but I do enjoy the buzz.


Think this might work. Mission Hub - Litchi


Yeah -
WP8 : -16°
WP9 : -19°
WP10: -19°
WP11: -17°
WP12: -17°
WP13: -12°

But without the “Interpolate”, it will change to that pitch at each WP.

I have to confess that I’ve had mixed results myself, with interpolate, so what I tend to do is move the waypoints to/from the POI to make the pitch the same value on all the WPs around the POI.

Chances are it would look far better if they were all set to Interpolate … but I wouldn’t necessarily guarantee that it sneaks past the power lines a second time. I trust Litchi - but perhaps not quite that much to repeat a mission. :wink:


Many thanks for that… more checks…lol. , but really…great advise. I’d like to do the mission again for better light, focus and detail. It’ll follow a different path.


Hoooooolllllyyyyyy shit!!!

Anyone know what height distance apart those power cables usually are?

Either way… hoooolllyy shit :scream:

Thanks for sharing @joe.k


I have found an equal. Bravo.