2nd Litchi Mission - Almost Electrocuted My Mavic


An interesting point …

@joe.k, did you have obstacle avoidance on?


It’s not a 2 right? Looks like it passes over with the wire to the left/rear, so obstacle avoidance would have been no use anyway.


I was thinking downward obstacle avoidance as it went over the one cable - a bummer if it shot up a few feet into the next one.


Yes . Obstacle avoidance was on .


Would have been . I like the footage just as it is.


That was nuts.
First YouTube vid that’s made me flinch.
You jammy, jammy git :joy:


@MementoMori’s post about his narrow escape and then scarpering reminded me of my very first drone! Long before I got a DJI I bought a Siema (I think??? £20 chinese jobby from ebay!) and took it to the park for a first flight.

…up up…up she went… me being me I pushed it higher and higher… got a whooping 50 meters… then the shitty controls lost connection and it banked right and flew at high speed away into a housing estate over the roofs!!!

At this point I gingerly but hastily made my exit as fast as I could! Watched the papers and news for a few days hoping I hadnt killed anybody, but think I got away with it!



What ? Scarpered ? No …tracking it down and knocking on a door - “Can I have my drone back please ?” :wink:
How far would you go to recover your DJI ?


Oh for a DJI… well you’d have to go knocking with an apologetic look and an innocent face!


In the fast flowing river Severn I would have just sat on the bank and cried if the P4P had gone in, I don’t do swimming and wouldn’t even try in that if I did, anywhere else I might though, just not water :blush:


I bet your drone came down probably only a couple of hundred yards away!, If it was a Syma (X5C), soon as it goes out of range it drops like a brick, with no stick input.
So you should have been able to retrieve it (had you the balls to watch it come down, and not scarpered !)
I made up extra range antennas and put them on mine, (not long after I got it)
Had to smile though at your post.


It didn’t come down, soon as it lost stick input it pitched right and I watched it shoot out of view, quite a long way off! :slight_smile:


Would not have been a Syma X5C then !.


It sounds like it might have been a Syma X8, more like a Phantom size, I had the X8HG for my first drone, I sold that to get a Phantom 4 which I still have and I also still have a modded X5C-1


I’d probably not go this far…



Id probably do the same. DJI Care plan requires a physical drone - in any condition - for you to get a replacement, so if I could recover it, I would.


“Excuse me, National Grid, could you black out the Chelmsford region whilst I shin up one of your pylons and crawl out onto the cable?”

"Ah, you need to know the reason? Well, it’s like this … "


Actually, that reminds me of a recent YouTube of someone using one MP with a wire hook underneath to dislodge another MP from some power line cables it had become hooked up on.

Or, if that failed …


That’s about the best thing I have seen that could have happened to a GoPro Karma, Dave!.
It probably done the owner a favour.


Well ,Joe,it could have been worse,like the poor guy on over on mavic pilots…



That’ll be the gimbal effed, too.