360 Panos using DNGs

Since I started with DJI drones, I have been trying to improve the quality of 360 panos / tiny planets. I noticed that the drone using the lower res JPGs to generate the image, and leaving the high res DNGs.

I decided to try and make my own, and tried several applications, but all fell short. I have had no issues creating 180 panos or the Wide Angle panos manually, it is just the 360s.

I have tried Microsoft ICE, DJI Media Maker, Photoshop and Lightroom. PTGui is meant to be great, but so is the price, so haven’t tried that. Then I happened upon a post by @milkmanchris which recommended Autopano Giga. It is discontinued, but if you know where to look, you’ll find it.

Finally, an app that does it well. I can now use my DNGs for my 360s :grin: … and what a difference in quality …

Auto-stitched by the drone using JPGs:

Manually stitched by Autopano Giga using the DNGs:

Thanks @milkmanchris :+1:


Thank you Chris @clinkadink

I think you are on windows, Mac for me and it is the best option, hands down.

I’m not sure if you know the history but Kolor (the developer) was bought out by GoPro and the tech was used in Qwik (which is shit).

If anyone is wanting a copy for Mac let me know and I can ‘share the wealth’, I’ve passed it on to quite a few folks here.

Any suggestions where? Does it work on a Mac?

see post above yours

Thank you @clinkadink and @milkmanchris :slightly_smiling_face:

For anyone else, it’s here



Im sure that version asks for registration details or serial number

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Yeah it does, searching for another, or do you have a link? :upside_down_face:

Mac or windows?


@clinkadink should be able to help you out, but the usual sources all have it

Anyone wanting a Mac version PM me

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Check your PM.

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Wow, just had a little play with it, this is a pano I did the other night on manual settings

ISO 100 Shutter 4 sec

This is the DNG,s stitched with ICE


This is with Autopano


Better quality :+1:

Before uploading to Kuula, I fill the gap at the top in PS using Content-Aware. That way, you won’t get the blank circle above in Kuula.

This photo editing stuff is new to me but I love learning

I will have a play and give that a go in PS :+1:

Cheers, Chris.

Here is an example of the 2nd pano I did above.

  1. Open in PS
  2. Select the blank section with the Wand tool (in yellow circle)
  3. Press Shift + F5 to load the Fill dialogue
  4. Make sure it’s set to Content-Aware and click OK
  5. Then save and load into Kuula

It’s not perfect, but it does a very good job most of the time.

I think my mistake is Auto cropping when stitching the image :man_facepalming:

I don’t have the void at the top :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, no. They need to be 2:1 ratio.

for @clinkadink and @Sparkyws which drones are you using here?

If the Mini2 , then I have tried to avoid 360s with this due to it being far harder to create the 360.

So I have tended to always fly the Air 2 - which has its limitations especially over houses - unless I find a park in between.

@clinkadink what were your settings in the first one - up to now I have always used auto, which is probably fine during the day, but not so much at night.

Mini 2.

Settings? Pano settings or photo settings?

  • Pano settings are auto for the first one - this was automatically stiched by the Mini 2.
  • Image settings are manual for both panos above as they are the same images - ISO 3200, 1s shutter