360 Video from drone - Is this the future?

Watched this video on YouTube by WindsweptRobert. He attached an Insta 360 camera on top of his Mavic 3 and flew. Result is an interactive (Scrollable) video. If watched on phone then use your finger to scroll or mouse if using a computer. Is this the future?


Ask the @milkmanchris he’s been doing it for years :smile:


Are you tempted to have a go @KevNewton ?

Insta mounts for most drones can be found on Thingyverse :smiley:


June 2019


@milkmanchris Is this scrollable. I can’t seem to do it in YouTube.

I’m certainly interested.


Certainly is for me in onebox preview above as well on Youtube.

What device and browser are you using?


Laptop and phones.

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I subscribed to your YouTube channel and found it on there and it works. I’m impressed.


How much memory does it consume, atnd what resolution can you get?

Certainly looks like a reason for escaping the 249g ‘trap’, cause you have to go bigger.

I suppose it depends on which 360 camera you get. I see there are a few Insta 360 versions for starters. They will have a memory card in them which dictates how much you can film.

It’s about 800mb per 1 minute of video.

Native recording for the 360 files is 5.7k

Not tried the mine (Insta 360 x2) attached to a 249g , only the bigger drones (Mavic Pro and DJIFPV)

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I watched someone with 360 camera on a Mini 2 and it wasn’t pretty :grimacing:

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I’m tempted to strap my X3 to my Mini 3 and use it as a hand launch handle. :laughing:

@milkmanchris what software are you using to create this 360 video. I have an Insta x2 and would really like to do a 360 video like this where you can move around while watching the video.

The bog standard insta360 studio

Plugins are available for FCPX and Premiere but they are little more clunky.

I use the Mac version.

Post the video, or we’ll never accept it happened :wink:

Nice effect, I would be worried about putting the 360 in the air or the worry of losing a drone AND a camera.

Just remember if you are protective over your Op ID. Put it on the bottom of drone


Yeah I lost a drone and camera once…fortunately not a super expensive one. It’s horrible horrible. Sadly @DeanoG60 suffered the same too. In a way I was personally more annoyed that I lost the rubcam orange with the SD card and footage than the cost. Part of the hobby/game. Also why I’m very afraid of water too.

I’d love a 360 camera, but they so damned expensive haha

Yeah, it’s an abject failure. The Mini was trying to compensate for the weight so was about to fly off.