360 Video Test (Mavic 2 Pro and Insta 360 One X) - Skipsea Beach

So for a little test me and @paulmouncer attached the very clever Insta 360 One X to the top of the Mavic 2 Pro and the results for a first attempt are not too bad at all, the stitching on this camera is amazing.

The video is 4k and you can drag around it and see proper 360.

Subject is beach at Skipsea earlier today


Wow… That’s so clever… I’m a bit baffled tbh :rofl:… I moved my phone around and the picture changed… I know it’s going to make me sound very stupid :flushed:. I’ll go Google the device, looks cool :+1:

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Very cool indeed

Now that is cool.

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Hoooollllyyyy shit that’s amazing!! :clap:t2:

Fro those unsure, make sure you watch this using the YouTube app, rather than the embedded video player on the forum :blush:

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More stuff to watch on the youtube channel ;o)

Fun stuff … I Only have a 2nd hand Ricoh Theta V - can’t justify (even to myself) the price of the 360 One X.

How did you attach it? Is there a bracket or something that can be 3d printed

Easily printed I’d guess

Favrison Connect Adapter Body Expansion for DJI Royal MAVIC 2, Connection Mount for Professional Version of the Interface Expansion with Panoramic Camera https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07H96GX1Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_YIlgDbZRPVPBN

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WOW, was really interested looked at the link the mount then I saw the price…Case Closed…

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Does that mean your buying one?

It’s cool… But I too gulped at the price. Need to watch a few vids to understand what else it can do… Just in case I find £500 I the back garden :rofl:

I thought money grows on trees…

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That s NO from me …

It’s expensive fun, jury is still out on if I need one.

This is @paulmouncer camera that I’ve been playing with

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Isn’t everything…

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This all sets me wondering how much additional weight my little Mavic Air could carry. I have a drone - I have a 360 cam … just I’m fairly certain the drone would be seriously unstable or too heavy.

But if a thing is worth trying, then it’s worth trying :slight_smile:

Post the results :wink:

Will do if time allows me to experiment…

Awesome and very interesting, how did you mount, do you reckon it could be underslung?

what i need to do is then work out if you can video multiple paths and sticth so the viewer can choose which way they want to go