3d printed frames

Hi. I print my frames and arms for my drone. But I cant get my pids high enough. Due to the lack of stiffness.
Has anyone had a successful design for a sharp locked in quad?

What are you printing them in? Abs is probably your best bet but tbh printed frames are all pretty rubbish

Yeah. Figured that out. Done petg. But there isnt the stiffness.

Have you tried PLA at 100% infill?, I’ve drawn one awhile back but I’ve been too busy with other things; it’s more an excise in 3D modelling really.

Yeah. The frames are ok for general droning around. Think i will buy a cf one to compare

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Maybe a bit late to the party however I’ve printed my frame too.

I’m a complete novice in terms of high PID rates however pretty happy with my setup.

I use CC-TREE ST-PLA and then anneal the PLA in a dehumidifer at 70c for a few hours which makes them super tough.

Using this frame https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4277862

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I might give that a go with some spare bits I have :+1:
I haven’t got a dehumidifier. I’ll try the oven on it’s lowest setting on a test piece. :grin:

Oven should work fine, just make sure you set it 70 and wait for the temp to stabilise as many ovens will overshoot the mark and then slowly come down to temp.

Try the frame I linked to. Seemed the most durable of the lot that I found on Thingiverse.


3D Printed frame number two!

Haven’t flown it yet but liking the package.


Side issue, I like your bench and table, any history with it or is it new made to look old ?

Let me know how it flies / if there are any vibrations, like.

Will do, by vibrations are you talking of the blackbox logs?

@milkmanchris Thanks, I bought the table and bench seats secondhand as I have a very old cottage and wanted something more in keeping. It’s recycled pine so I’m not sure of the exact age of the wood but the table was likely made in the last 30years or so.

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Well, the flexible arms. Whether you have to change your pids much. Suppose it’ll be good on a 5"

I’m afraid that’s beyond my flying level to determine currently. I’ve only done a handful of proper acro flights!

If you’re near Chichester you’re welcome to have a go.

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Maybe. In a few weeks…

No problem, if I haven’t totalled it by then!