4 blade props on a 5" quad

This is just to TRY and inspire the fpv guys to post more videos. I love em all.
I was with @Steviegeek and a few others.
I was trying some 4 blade props and they had way more control and acceleration. Motors were a little warm, but hey ho!
It was windy but couldn’t break my speed record. I will have to wait until Micheal Fish says it will be a calm day lol.
Sorry about the propwash lol


Silly off-topic question. Do you hear the prop noise in your goggles? If so is it helpful in tracking the behaviour of the aircraft?

I have the option to have earphones in my goggles, and I did try it.
It was very off putting. I don’t know how to explain it, but if I had to, it tasted like a sour meal???
I hear the prop noise as it happens, which can have a delay, which I am used to.
I will experiment with some music next. Maybe Mr Blue Sky lol

Goggles don’t have speakers so no… however some vtx’s do transmit audio so you plug in a headphone and listen to the whine… personally never saw the point

@notveryprettyboy can’t post what I don’t have :wink:

You deleted em all???

Another One Bites the Dust? :slight_smile:

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Nope just not been out in a while

I’m off to the rugby club sunday morning if you want?

I’ve done it on a sim with Mr Blue Sky. It’s relaxing with a little spin… I’ll probably trash it any way… !!! :facepunch:

This was at the Heli club field, the guy I put the VR style goggles on was blown away, not just the detail of what he could see but amazed at the speed and QUOTE “How the hell do you know where it is to fly it !!”

Great stuff Karl. :clap: :clap:

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I was equally impressed by the serious kit those guys had. Well out of my league.
A heli with a 3 grand turbo motor purring at 200,000 rpm! Monster!