4K 30fps vs 2.7 60fps

I’ve been doing some experimenting between 4K 30 frames per second and 2.7K at 60 frames per second.

My conclusion is that 2.7k 60fps is best for slowing the footage down in post but when it comes to low light situations 60fps is not good as the shutter speed can’t come down below 1/60 of a second causing the iso to be higher.

This is a video snap shot of 4K and 2.7K and in good light I struggle to see the difference in quality.

Although the 2.7k 60fps seems to zoom in on the resolution.


My default is 2.7/60.

Resolution good enough, and allows some cropping to 1080 without loss of resolution, and allows for speed shifting if needed.

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Yes I love the scope for speed shifting there’s nothing worse than stuttering slow motion.