4k grainy footage

I am sure ir’s been covered before but I am struggling to find a definitive answer. I mostly shoot video in 2.7k as it seems that when I try and shoot in 4k I get a massive grain effect which makes the footage unusable. I have watched endless settings videos on youtube and have my mavic set up with what seems to be the general settings used by all the main real film makers, and I am no stranger to post production but I really want to start shooting in 4k as I think I am missing out on that little bit of extra oomph for quality. Any number of goole searches have led to a general advice fest based on getting the settings right and I am using the settings we have all seen on here and other drone websites…what else could be causing the problem?

Post a small clip of your footage in 4k so we can have a look.

I’ve found the best settings for 4K (in general actually) on the MP are to use custom with sharpening set to 1, contrast and saturation set to 0. Obviously where possible stick to ISO 100 to avoid additional noise, but in busy scenes, e.g. lots of vegetation, you will see some noise which is likely the result of the lowish bit rate for 4K.

I always shoot in 4K30 with +1, +1, 0 but I agree, grain can be an issue especially when the light isn’t great. I watched the following video last night which suggested that -3 contrast is the way to go to keep detail in darker less defined areas and use post to liven things up a bit so I’ll be trying that this week.