5.8 fpv transmitter recommend?

What’s a good tx for sending fpv to a screen.
I like a screen on hobbyking £179 but has all the bells and whistles. Does anyone go for high power , even though your not supposed to?

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I’m afraid I can’t answer your question, but I’m sure someone will be along soon that can :+1:

I don’t think you can do that with a Mavic or any DJI drone. I might be wrong though. As far as I’m aware you can’t connect anything or pick up the mavics frequency.
Unless you’re not talking about a Mavic or DJI drone at all and you mean a actual fpv quad? In which case I’m not sure, I’ve just got a normal eachine TX in mine but it’s not long range

Thanks, i should have said I am waiting delivery of XK x detect x380.c After searching for ages I chose this one . I have been able to buy 2 extra 3s 5400 mah batteries for £44. It has a very nice TX, like the one’s I use to fly my planes which iv’e been doing for many years. It comes with a camera (sj 4000 i think) and a 2 axis gimbal. The screen they sell for it (the XK one) doesn’t sound too good. so when I can I thought I would get a good screen and vtx .

Congratulations on your purchase. There are quite a few options for FPV, I would recommend a 25-200w switchable VTX which keeps you legal (if you need to be) but allows you to increase the power for additional range.

You should probably look for a high voltage version that accepts 2-4s power input (therefore you should be able to power directly from the balance lead of the 3s battery used to power the craft. Something like this: https://www.quadcopters.co.uk/58ghz-video-transmitters-and-receivers/tbs-unify-pro-58ghz-hv-race or one of the Aomway switchable power VTXs would suit.

As for monitors, if you don’t mind a 5" version I can recommend the Little Pilot/Hawk Eye monitors with built in 32 channel receiver and a battery good for 2-3 hours. Nice little bit of had (I had one for a while). Available from places like GearBest for £54 if you don’t mind waiting a while or eBay in the UK for around £70.


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Thanks James think I might get that little screen, the drone came today. The instructions are very basic. I think I will need a cable with micro USB to fit the camera and a plug of some sort to the vtx

I don’t know that particular camera. It have used a micro usb out from a GoPro to the VTX worked fine. I imagine it is the same.

X50-6 5.8G 600mW 40CH Wireless AV Transmitter for FPV Aerial Photography… This looks really neat its got a case with lugs for fixing and a very short mushroom aerial . From Tom Top. As I wont be able to work the camera from the ground other than tilt the gimbal I thought about recording and taking photos on the screen ie. DVR. Then I wont have loads of film to download and edit.

Quanum Elite X50-2 200mw, 40 Channel Raceband, FPV Transmitter This one is from hobbyking it looks identical to the tomtop one, same case even the same X50 code its on offer £15 . Comes with the long stick like aerial. and is 200mw as opposed to 600mw

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I got the cable/micro usb from hobbyking eu. Its the Turnigy one , I found out that the turnigy action camera is also an SJ4000 this meant I could also order a spare camera battery and a little USB charger for it . I also got some cables 3s balance plug to jst ready to take power direct from the main lipo to the vtx.
Had my maiden flight on Friday, went well , but when i took it out about 25yds It lost contact with the radio and started return to home, I regained control and kept it close. The weather was bad very damp/foggy and I have 6 cheap alkaline cells in the Tx. I have ordered some duracel rechargables 2500 mah hope this sorts it out.

Sent it back to Hobbyking today the problem of short range was persistent. The lads at the flying field laughed and said it was agoraphobic…so what to get now ? If I bought say a phantom on ebay and had a problem who could I get to fix it ? Is it better to buy new and get at least 12months warranty? Has anyone used Drones Direct?