79 Years old New Member - Torquay

Been flying model aircraft since age 9, R/C since 1972, Drones (Quadcopters) since 2016.

Like everyone else, finding it difficult to know where to legally fly my “Drones” ( hate that word, believe it’s what got us a bad name through bad publicity caused by irresponsible users).

Used mainly for video (private) and Photography

Member of BMFA, but not a member of a club. Used to be Secretary of well known club in Teign Valley, Devon.

Have my Operator ID, and Flyer ID from CAA

Hello !


Hi Ron and welcome to GADC.

Hi Ron, I’m not too far away down here near Plymouth

Hi Ron,

I try to refer to them as aircraft or UAVs both here where we should all be enlightened about “drones” or on social media where the commenters are deeply suspicious of the noisy, dangerous, privacy-invading burglar tools.

As to where to fly - there is a lot of (correct) information on the Dronescene Map. The information comes from various sources - CAA, Crown Estates, National Trust and, for recommended flying sites, reports and pictures from GADC members.

Although there are a good number of sites shown it is by no means an exhaustive map. There are plenty of excellent places either unreported or unflown - as yet. Feel free to add to the map as you discover fresh sites.

Basically National Trust, Forestry England and some local councils do not allow take-off and landing from their sites and also claim (falsely) that the airspace above is private. The Crown Estates, who own a lot of land and a fair amount of the UK foreshore are happy for you to fly as long as you keep within the Drone Code.

I’ve always found that if you look like you have a right to be there, smile and be friendly to those who show an interest, no-one will challenge you directly - they might moan on Facebook later!

Have fun!


Do you wanna bet, I must just “Have one of those Faces” that some twat nearly always wants to pick an argument with !.
A big welcome Ron to GADC from another grey haired fart !.

Thank you Sir. Information I’m sure will be useful


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Hi Chris.
Not far away is relative. I think we’re far away from everywhere down here…and I’m loving it.
Only been here 50yrs, so not sure if i’m a “Devonian” yet :roll_eyes:

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Oi! Less of the “Sir” if you don’t mind!

I’m a young whippersnapper, 12 years younger than you :slight_smile:

I call eveyone sir, until I get to know them, then a more extensive glossary is brought into play.
I’ll leave that to your imagination “young sir” :wink:

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Think you experienced that just this week didn’t you, Rob? Have you come to a mutual agreement with the moaner?

You’ll have to keep them on the short side Ron. Our “young” Rob still gets confused by big words… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’ll try to avoid 4 letter words. Easy to read, but less easy to own :wink:

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Yes, nae problemo/ I explained that I was testing my aircraft that were occasionally for search and rescue work, promised to let her know next time I intended to fly in that field and invited her to come and have a look at the monitor to see what the area was like, live from above. Result, one happy camper.

I’m now expecting a flood of angry rants on the local Facebook page as one of the Spitfires from Goodwood was practising aerobatics over the sea (200 metres from us) and making a (glorious) noise as it did so :slight_smile:


Welcome Ron good to have you aboard sir😎

Welcome Ron

Do the National Trust ‘Open Sites’ on Dronscene allow for take-off / landing (shown in blue)?

Also, please check local Bylaws. Dartmoor for example, doesn’t permit the landing, takeoff or overflights of model aircraft and drones without permission from the Authorities. These bylaws won’t be shown on maps like Dronescene, Drone Assist and the like.

Yes, it gets complex. Some of Dartmoor is National Trust. Is the rest down to individual councils or is it county council or a mixture? I have been led to believe that all Hampshire CC land is non drona grata (do you like that, just made it up) though I have flown in NCC land after trying to find a drone policy on the website. I was speaking to a friendly HCC countryside ranger as we searched for a missing woman.

I am becoming far more inclined to the view that, if after a search of the net to try to find a drone policy and.or ownership of the land you wish to fly from, you camnnot establish a no flying policy is in place then go ahead and fly.

You have carried out the actions of a reasonable person, which should stand you in good stead in law. If you are proved wrong and challenged by someone with relevant authority then you can politely apologise, bring the aircraft home and leave.

Many bylaws are badly phrased, of dubious legality and unpublished except in council minutes… I’m not certain that many council employees, most of whom are contractors (at least in our area) are aware of the bylaws either.