Not being smug or smart here, i rendered a 8k@60fps video on to youtube! as i have a samsung 8k qled tv .but the youtube app on the tv only see’s the file as a 4k!!! but on my pc which is steam driven see it as a 8k@60fps but as it so old it cant play it as the pc isnt up to scratch.
Ive tried asking samsung when they will Codec AV1 Youtube 8K be used on there tv’s no answer.
i really would like to see it on my tv does anyone have any ideas how i can view it in 8k@60fps is there a work around ?

Via USB stick/card in available slot ?

Or maybe AppleAndroid TV media box ?


hdmi out from said steam PC ?

Plex/VLC ?


the samsung doesn’t recognize the video file needs its own codec, and youtube app on a samsung tv needs upgraded lol my samsung s10 phone only goes up to 2160p@60fps

Have you tried rendering in a codec that the TV will recognise?

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it is in mp4 but samsung doesn’t recognize it, it must be needing the (Codec AV1)

AV1? You probably mean AVC1?

mp4 is the packaging, not the codec.

This is the info of a random mp4 video of mine …


the (Codec AV1) is the latest codec but its yet to be released lol .
libaom-av1 is the AOMedia video encoder for ​AV1, an open source & royalty-free video codec. libaom-av1 can save about 30% bitrate compared to VP9 and H. 265 / HEVC, and about 50% over H. 264, while retaining the same visual quality.22 Mar 2021

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Convert them?


i am scottish and it isnt free lol



converting it now its going to take a while thanks for the help

Hopefully the video you are converting is one you’ve rendered in an uncompressed format? Otherwise all the theoretical 8k benefits will have been totally compromised by the initial compression used.

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I know samsung and youtube need to sort things out ref updating apps to 8k

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Just sit further back it all looks the same anyway :wink:


youve got the wrong telly lol

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I’m my 5m family room there is little discernible if any difference between 4K and 8k.

Now put me in front of my 5k iMac at 1m and the difference is night and day.

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mine is a qled you can on that

Very good article on perception of quality


I have a 65" Samsung qled if I am honest an LG oled in my opinion gives a better quality picture .

I have a 55in Hisense QlED and great picture it is, but I also have a series 5 Panasonic plasma panel, that is 16 years old and the picture from more than 8 feet is superior imho.

It’s still shit they show on both TV’s

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