A drone outing

Afternoon guys.

We had a fantastic morning in the New Forest doing photography! Unfortunately it’s out of the question to take the drone up there.
But… I want to go somewhere close to Netley this afternoon with sunset and get a few drone shots in.
Can anyone suggest a place nearby that’s at least a little bit drone friendly?
I have an idea to go to Hayling Island. I know it’s low tide around sunset but reflections could be quite interesting.

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think there a few vids on here from there A quick jaunt to Hayling Island

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Might just run… into each other…

There is a great place to fly just as you get onto Hayling. X marks the spot of a small car park and looking east you get a great sunset over Portsmouth and the sun lights up the bridge. O walk to the area where you see a railway signal on the old billy line. Only shame today is that tide will be out, and watch out for the oystercatchers,


Nice shot! And thanks will do.

I’ve been scouting for a nice place by Warsash or hamble etc to fly from but there’s a lot of restricted air space nearby. As you get to Lee on Solent there’s the coast guard airfield too! Stokes Bay is ok and you can get spinnaker from a distance!

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@Longstride Thanks a lot! I’m also looking around. We must be very close to each other. I’ll check out the areas you’ve mentioned.

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