A few practice flights yesterday in a big field

Some attempts at Split-S.
An interesting Failsafe and sort-of GPS rescue mode. I disarmed for some reason…
And @Earwig in the world of pinkness… I think your camera is missing its green sensor signal.


Yes, I think the issue is the replacement lens I got doesn’t have a UV filter.

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Looking good guys :ok_hand:t2: couple of things I noticed though, check that Air mode is turned on, it keeps the props spinning when you go to zero throttle and will stop the quad flopping about when you drop the throttle mid trick. Also add some expo to your rates this will smooth out the ends of your flips and rolls as it will slow the quad down as you reach the end of the stick move and should remove some of the jerkyness at the ends of the flips and rolls it’s trial and error for what works best for you just have a play and find the sweet spot.

Also try and avoid flying behind yourself as your head blocks the video signal coming back to the goggles. It can seem fine at first as you’re flying away from yourself because the video antenna is sticking out the back of the quad but as soon as you turn the quad round to head back towards yourself the quad and your head will be blocking the signal and could cause video loss. :+1:t2:

Keep up the good work guys some awesome flying and it’s good to see you’ve found some flying buddies I always find I’ve got more confidence if I’m flying with friends :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s something else I need to look into with the Croc. I now have a 6" RHCP antenna on my goggles, matching the long RHCP on the quad and I was still getting poor video reception at about 50m (you can see it on the clip above), even when flying in front of myself.

I was getting much better video from the Darwin, and that only has a 2" wire antenna on it.

At what power output?

Not sure. I need to check.

We usually were. The time I lost rx was when I saw @Earwig turning up and thought I’d go and look. I’ve now put a diversity rx on that quad.

Using betaflight defaults so there was some.

I’m pretty sure it was.

Just seemed a little unstable in the air that’s all and didn’t look like it was due to pilot error so would be worth checking :+1:t2: @SirGunner knows what it’s like flying without air mode :rofl:

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Oh yes I certainly do lol its like night and day the difference it makes when dropping the throttle to do tricks. So much more stability :+1:t2:

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BF says 600mW


I believe it’s a GEPRC STABLE V2 VTX

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I wouldn’t rely on what betaflight says as unless it’s configured correctly it can say anything it likes. You’ll need to get the manual for the VTX and there is normally an LED flash sequence that will tell you what it’s settings are on first power up.

I seem to remember a while back I gave you the manual for the GepRC stack including the vtx config lights and you checked it and it was at 600mW Jez

Yeah, I’ve got all the guff. I think I checked the lights at the time and they seemed correct.

I’ll check again, but for some reason I’ve rapidly run out of steam/enthusiasm tonight. Might have to crash in front of the TV and come back to it another time. Might be the thought of a 5am start for a trip to Milton Keynes tomorrow. :yawning_face: :grin:

Haha I know the feeling mate, I’ve got a fun 3hr each way trip to Peterborough tomorrow which I’m really not looking forward to the early start :sleeping: lol