A frosty morning walk in North Yorkshire

Hi, Just a link to my video I posted on YouTube earlier. It’s from a walk I did down by my local river. I thought it would be a shame to miss an opportunity for some quality time out on such a lovely morning.

Hope you enjoy it.


Excellent Mark. Commented on yT.

Thank you.

I really enjoyed that Mark well done :+1:

Thanks. I enjoyed filming it, but it’s the editing etc that takes up so much time (lucky I have plenty of time at the moment)

Thanks for sharing this, thoroughly enjoyed!

Great footage :+1:

Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you. It’s been nice getting thumbs up.

Fair play @mhitchcock very creative and a story too, love the sun shots I am a sucker for them too :+1:

Happy days there many years ago. Fishing on the banks.
Reverend Manchester pottering around keeping his eye on his parish.

Great Photo. Looks cold enough to scratch the paint work!

Beautiful countryside and excellent editing - thank you. Just as well your drone didn’t freeze when over the flooded fields! I well remember Malton floods - in my mind because years ago before I retired I had a customer in Norton (NEACO), so got to that area from time to time (I was based near Sunderland) when making deliveries or sales calls. And always enjoyed the trip through beautiful countryside. But never visited Old Malton. Now on my list of places to visit :smile:

Thank you all. Yes it is a lovely place and am also pleased my Mavic didn’t freeze.
I remember rev Manchester. He used to do weddings and come to the hotel I worked at for some food after. You could always tell he was in the building before you saw him as you would hear him first🤭