A Hello from Dartford, Kent

Got my first drone yesterday for my birthday, a maverick mini 2.
After a few practice flights in the local park I popped up to Greenwich park (I checked the regulations)

My hobby is photography so this adds a whole new dimension!


Welcome to the club, that’s a fantastic photo. :heart_eyes:

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I agree with Steve, excellent shot.

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Hi there

Can we do that with the covid restrictions, and travel from Dartford to Greenwich?

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Hi from Gravesend in Kent.

I have been given a DJI Mini 2 Quadcopter Drone and a DJI FPV Drone for my birthday and wedding anniversary and am very keen to learn to fly them. I have currently acquired my Operator and Flyer ID’S, as well as Liability Insurance and am currently taking the A2 CofC course.

Gravesham Borough Council have advised they do not give any permission for drones to be flown from their parks and open spaces. So looking to learn to fly somewhere till I become proficient and then achieve my aim of taking aerial photography.

Dayammmm… I clearly married the wrong woman :grimacing:

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Yup, she definitely spoils me. Now to find somewhere to fly legally.

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Dartford is OK for drones, just not the Heath after someone was killed with a model aeroplane many years ago. Out of respect they produced a by-law preventing this. Or, If you fancy a drive Greenwich park is also OK.

Central park in Dartford is fun, from here you can fly out over the lakes and the building work going on around is great to look at too.

Interestingly I only got my mini 2 last week, from my wife for my birthday! Looks like we both married well!

I just had a look at the Gravesend website and cannot find any by-laws or other notes on drones, where did you find the information?


Good Morning,

I contacted Gravesham Borough Council and they replied they do not give formal permission for drones to launch or land from their parks and open spaces. A club member also advised KCC have advised the same.

According to NATS, Greenwich is a high risk area.Dartford is do able.

And you have emphasised my point. Their is no greater or lesser a risk from drones than fixed wing. But it seems drones are getting a bad rap because they have cameras and were involved with Gatwick.

If you’re a Mini 2 expert, than would be interested in getting training or tips from you. Look forward to hearing from you.