A little Promo Video for your comments

Dear all

I popped over to an old site I was PM on, and filmed a little promo video, I had used a ND Filter, but it came out grainy (I had it on Manual and 1/60.) when I took the ND filter off and put it back to Auto, I managed to carryout this film.

I would appreciate your comments as on post production and types of shots etc.

Thanks guys.


Some nice looking apartments. :ok_hand: captured well. Maybe would of liked to of seen a bit more of the area but what you captured was great :+1:

Yes, you right, I should have captured some of the surrounding communal areas, thank you for your constructive comments as always.

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Great video. No criticism of your work at all though I do find the home exteriors look a bit ‘industrial’ - maybe that is what people are looking for. The finish of the properties looks to be of a very high standard and some seem to have two balconies so they should sell like hot cakes!

No Sharpe I totally agree, that was exactly what I mentioned to the site team, they looked a little industrial. Architectural flare!! Thank you for your comments though, it’s much appreciated.