A morning of firsts

First time I’ve taken my drone out in the dark, well twilight but I’m counting it. Got to my location about 45 mins before sunrise (after an hour and a quarter walk from home).

First time I’ve flown when it’s frosty. It was so flipping cold! I had my battery pack in my inner jacket pocket so all three were ready to go.

First time I’ve flown without the prop guards. After last weekend’s flying I felt confident enough to take my stabilisers off today (they were in my bag though).

Aaaannnnd… first time I’ve collided with anything. Doh! Yep, here I was, all cocky with the guards off and I end up crashing into a tree.

It started OK but I wasn’t quite as parallel to the tree line as I thought and suddenly the drone was tangled in branches. However, it stayed in the air, I manoeuvred it out and bought it back. No damage other than few green streaks of moss on the bodywork, props are fine and I continued to fly it for a good while after.

Here’s the collision vid for your amusement. I’ll edit the proper footage together soon.


I’m impressed your mavic mini kept going. Those are strong props!


So lucky, well done for piloting it out OK
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:



As @notveryprettyboy said, you’re really lucky it didn’t go down, especially looking at the speed you hit it.

Check those props really carefully :+1:t2:

And thanks for sharing the video, most people would have kept that one quiet :blush:


Yeah, I gave them a thorough looking at. No nicks, scratches or cracks anywhere. :+1:t2:


I would have panicked. Pleased you got it out in one piece!! Still not daring to go that close to a tree.