A New Start

Well, a month or so ago, I attended a PfCO zero to hero course in Staffordshire. Since then I purchased a new drone Mavic Mini, to get started with until my company invests in something a bit more suitable for our needs. As soon as I got the drone home, my good lady wife then took it off me until xmas day. As I live in the Portsmouth area there are very few places south of Portsdown Hill to fly, unless someone knows somewhere? So I have spoken to a friend who owns a farm to ask his permission to fly on his land to build my skills. So drone ./ areas to fly ./ and today on Xmas Eve I got the email from the CAA with my PfCO authorisation. Later this week we are off to Cumbria to get some flying in. So onwards and upwards, the sky is the limit (well to 400ft anyway)


Well down on the PfCO! I live on Hayling so fly in the area of the bridge, both east and west sides, part way down the old Billy line by the oyster beds, in the fields behind St Maty’s Church, the Heavy AA site and around the Eastoke Point (not Eastocke Corner) area.

Hope that helps.

Thanks @macspite much appreciated. I have access to some open land in and around Southwixk which is quiet. I might venture out Hayling way to spice things up a bit so many thanks for the tip👍

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