A new version of Go4 is released - 4.3.4

Not that I’ll be installing it … but at least there’s somewhere to post any comments about it. :wink:

Edit : Bloomin’ 'eck! It’s getting frigging huge! :open_mouth:


That’s a handy feature for Dlog-M. I’m assuming the live view will show as if it’s been graded to Rec709.

I always wanted it for DLOG on the MP but was never on a new enough app version.

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Haha! The M2P changed that for you. :wink:

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Yep, no choice in the matter.

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Optimizes some features for a better user experience

Well sounds good but might like a little more information :thinking:

I see there’s been a second release of 4.3.4 today … a different build.

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A bug fix for the bug fix? :crazy_face:


They probably buggered the fix for the bug fixed bug.


How many bugs could a bug-fix fix if a bug-fix could fix bugs?

Just askin’ :wink:

(Apologies - I have Peroni and a keyboard)


Just one.

To be more it would be “How many bugs could bug-fixes fix.”


Edit: Or it could be “How many bugs could a bugs-fix fix.” to be more than one. :wink:


In my experience, a core element of updates is to close loopholes - I’d imagine this one may ‘fix’ the - ask to revert Spark / Air to CE and do it automatically.



Boooooo… :-1:t2:

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Any of you lot remember JSP & COBOL? That was time well spent :unamused:
Millennium Bug my arse.

Any brave guinea pigs installed this update.
Do we take it in turns to be the First to spread the risk😉…and please don’t say, “Yes we do… “it’s your turn newbie😂


Updated yesterday,supposed to add a few extra features,apparently! Have not flown yet,but will keep bird close ,just in case!:thinking::rofl:

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Yep, updated but not flown yet. Darn thing auto updated on my mobile. As a newbie I’ve not heeded the warning of DJI app updates. doh :open_mouth:

iOS or Android? If Android, you can easily roll back.

Got it on Android,just gone to rollback / set to manual update when I’ve noticed another update waiting to be installed

Here’s the gist

Hhmmm I wonder …

Can always get old .apk from here : https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/dji-technology-co-ltd/dji-go-4/

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