A nice morning down the field with the "Tiggy"

just :grin:a bit of fun from last year



Hi @supercub1 I’ve edited your post, if you post the youtube link in a new line of its own with no spaces you get the nice onebox preview


you tried 
https://youtu.be/81jsEEcJmMM just :grin:a bit of fun from last year

Nice video, I flew in one once, it’s looked and felt the same size.lol’s

Cheers for the kind words ,the tiggy is my oldest surviving plane, on a bright blue day she seems to almost double in size ,the yellow really pops .This is one of the things i enjoy so much with our hobby ,i started with planes but also like quads although i am rubbish at fpv with the gogs on ,when the chance comes along i will have to give it some proper practice. chris

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