A ships graveyard......Intersting flight today

I had reson to be in Hoo in Kent today (to collect some polished brass) and had done a google maps recce beforehand and seen there is a ship’s graveyard next to the marina there. Obviously I took the Mavic and I found that even a load of rotting trash and wreckage left to slowly fade into the earth can look pretty…



Those are some truly stunning photos @JayForceOne :+1:

Love the first photo.

What’s the history behind this place, do you know?

Any idea how long some of them have been there?!

Thanks for sharing :smile:

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From the little information out there they used to be the barges they used in the old days to carry the blue clay from Hoo in Kent to make bricks - all back in the day when this sort of work was done by hand. With the advent of modern cranes the wooden barges were found to be too weak for mass weight being dumped and some were converted into houseboats. After a while even those houseboats fell beyond their working lifespan and were hulked next to the marina where they now sit rotting away. Some of them date back to the late 1800’s and were hulked in the 1950’s.

As a follow on from the stills I posted I have edited and completed a movie. Feel free to share, enjoy and comment!!


Loving the somber music to accompany the video.

Added this to my ‘wannafly’ list :+1:

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Absolutely stunning shots and a great video, all really well done!

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There’s a WW1 German U-Boat out there somewhere too!

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