A slow flight in Scotland

I was a trifle annoyed with myself that I didn’t do any fancy flying. But if you drive through the Cairngorms national park, it’s just good to get up in the air for a little freedom. The weather was on my side this time. Bit windy though.


Don’t be annoyed Karl that’s some great footage mate and sometimes flips and loops etc don’t do the scenery justice. What was it recorded on?


It was a Runcam 5. But I think I need to take the screen out for a clean. It’s got blotches on I think.

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Ah I was hoping you was going to say SB dvr lol wishful thinking :laughing:

The thing that got me was how much juice was sucked from the 6s lipo just getting high enough. I reckon the best way to fly mountain tops is with a wing / plane.

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Yeah I agree a wing would be awesome for mountain surfing :star_struck:

Like this I bought a few weeks ago :laughing:

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You should have taken it with you :man_facepalming:

It needs fpving. It flys real well though

Get it done ready for next time :star_struck: