A Sunday Afternoon Hoon Around

I overcame my COVID FOGU and managed to burn a few batteries at my local flying club yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.

The Quad is the Eachine Tyro119, all stock parts and 1400mAh 4S Zippy Compact.

Apologies as it’s only DVR.


Did you not fancy a power loop on the sheepies ;o)

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They’re pretty tough beasts and I reckon I’d come off second best if I hit one. One of our members once power looped a 700size Heli into one of the sheep, the sheep was fine but his Heli wasn’t.


My sheep can’t hear.

I call him Jeffrey

Because he’s Mutton Jeff …

(Joke probably doesn’t travel too well the further away it gets from Bow bells)


Some great flying there. I love the odd trick when flying too.
Music was class :metal:t2::metal:t2:

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Thank you, Howard.
For such a cheap quad it has surprising performance. After one of the flights the OSD summary claimed I hit 158kph, but as much as I tried I couldn’t replicate it. It has a cruising speed of about 60kph and full whack is usually 130kph. This is on a 4s pack so it’ll be interesting to see what it does on 6s when I get around to getting some suitable packs.

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I’m just starting to play around with adding gps to my fleet for that very reason.
Mine aren’t expensive or tuned in any way but I have a fascination with how fast they can be pushed.

I’ve only got one 6s pack right now but they sure do put a smile on my face when I’m flying with them!

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