A wish for the next Mini 2/Fly app update

After the last update… Yesterday… a message came up saying settings will be over ridden.

I don’t mind doing the update but it’s a nuisance to have redo things like gimbal settings from those you changed.

It would be nice if they were mostly left alone but my main wish is to be able to set these things without having to have the Mini ‘actually in flight’. Why not allow those Setting I changed in the app to be transmitted to the Mini 2 before the next take off?

Asking too much do you think?


There’s no programmatic reason why the app settings can’t be stored somewhere isolated and protected from app updates.

Nor is there any reason why the drone settings couldn’t be protected from firmware updates either.

It’s just bad software design.

Imagine if Apple or Google reset everyone’s phone settings with each firmware update? There’d be uproar.

DJI eh? tsk… :roll_eyes:


But in the early days of Android, back when an update was worth something, the advise was to always default the phone after the reset. So I guess DJI are just back in the early 2000s.

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This is possibly because it’s not a released version, what you have downloaded is a beta test version that’s not for general release and has been shared online

Let us know how you get on and post the results here:

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I didn’t upload a beta specifically…

I opened the Fly app to pre load a map before going out and there was the message to update, so I did.

It mentioned the Mini SE in the text but so did the previous update…

Strange then

Yes, it’s just poor design that settings get deleted. The only excuse could be if there were new settings in the upgrade or the rates and responses of the controls changed.
It also seems particularly silly not to be able to access all menus without powering up the drone. It’s really useful when learning software to be able to see every option before use. It would also save battery life to be able to pre-set all the options before powering up.

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Agree entirely… Esp when it’s is blowing a gale outside and or raining!