DJI Fly - App updates and download links

The DJI Fly app for the Mavic Mini is now available for download.



App details page on DJI site:

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Not showing on Android, as yet.

It doesn’t show up on a search on the Apple store yet either. Probably won’t until tomorrow I’m a guessing.

Strange their site says “Get it on Google Play” … but the link doesn’t go to Google Play … it just downloads.

At least the App Store link takes you to the App Store.

It’s a weird setup I tell ya!

Now to start decompiling it… :hammer_and_wrench:


It’s been a loooooonngggggg time since I’ve used a modern DJI app, do I need to take a test now or something? Or was that only for our FAA friends over the pond? :thinking:

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Found it on Google Play, first post updated.

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I’m sure we had to do it as well, just once when you login.


Just noticed the iOS app is v1.0.2 but the droid is v1.0.1 :thinking:

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That’s coz they’re crap at iOS apps and have had to debug it already. :wink:


Clearly :rofl:

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Of course - no Android version on Google Play might be because they’ve yet to upload v1.0.9. :wink:


Thanks for the link!!


I’ve just pulled “GO5” from the title of this thread as for the life of me now I can’t find where I saw it called GO5 :thinking:

Will update if I remember the source :man_shrugging:


GO5 is the Android package name.

Hiding in plain sight :roll_eyes:

Ah. The apk.

Hardly anyone sees that. Far better to refer to it by “DJI Fly App” … less ambiguous.

It’s a ridiculous nomenclature.

The old DJI GO uses version numbers 3.x.x
DJI Go4 uses version numbers 4.x.x
DJI Fly (alias Go5) uses version numbers 1.x.x

The DJI Fly app for Android has been bumped to v1.0.2 today.

What’s New

  • Adds support for Russian and Italian languages.
  • Allows users to switch between Map views.
  • Fixes crashing caused by compatibility issues with Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, and other mobile devices.

I’m leaving GO5 visible in that link so I don’t forget where I saw it again :rofl: