Action Man Parachutist dropped from Mavic Pro


Filmed this 1968 Action Man dropped from Drone… He had a combat plane too - thinking of taking that up in fishing line harness…



That is without doubt THE coolest thing I have ever seen done with a drone - absolutely genius :rofl: :clap: :clap: :clap:

LOVED it :smiley:


Just had to watch it again :smiley:

What drop mechanism did you use?


Doing that would complete my childhood.
Brilliant work mate


Excellent, it brings back memories of throwing my sons action man with a home brew parachute made from an umbrella.


I used to have the same one, amongst others, brought back some happy memories.
Excellent work.


Not only a brilliant idea to do - it’s a raaaather excellent video! :+1:


I did something similar as a kid with one of my action men, some string, a carrier bag and a bedroom window :slight_smile:


“Genetically coded the same”
If I told you about the things I got into, put it this way my dad confessed to looking for smoke on the horizon in the direction of our home when driving back from work. :eyes:


My father never had to look for smoke. The sound of the explosion was loud enough.
He was only downstairs when it happened … in the restaurant my parents owned.
The restaurant was full at the time.
Amazing shapes leaded windows go to when the explosion is big enough.


I found some shotgun cartridges of my brothers as a kid, decided it would be a good idea to take them apart and tip the gunpowder into an old tobacco tin of my dads in my bedroom on the new carpet, I got some matches and lent over the tin while on my knees, lit a match and expecting a bang as I was leaning over the tin the gunpowder went poof and I singed my eyebrows and burnt a lovely new mark the shape of the tin in my new carpet.
I still don’t know why everyone was upset with me :thinking:


Home brew chemistry set or what, do tell :smirk:

The closest I came to an explosion was trying to run my model static steam engine on hyper steam. I was mad on steam engines at the time and reading up on how they worked I discovered hyper steam. Luckily I noticed the solder around the boiler starting to glisten, I opened the valve and what a thrill to watch that engine rattle across the kitchen table revealing the burnt surface.
Mum hit me on my head with a saucepan which sounded just like in Tom and Jerry cartoon, My brother nearly pissed himself laughing.
No play station in them days eh!


A Chemistry Set was the starting point when I was about 11 … but by 15, with a friendly Chemist (next door to the restaurant) things went down the homemade rocket route.
Aluminium bicycle pumps provided the body. Home mixed solid propellants provided the power (and the explosion).
Triangulation gave us over 3,000ft before a parental ban was imposed.

The REAL funny bit … after I just managed to avoid killing myself (I was filling the aluminium tube at the time - some of the aluminium was buried in the brickwork of the laboratory …. errr, “fireplace” …. a big 17th century fireplace.), my father was somewhat furious.
He soon appeared, purple with volcanic rage, obviously giving me a verbal death sentence …. but, since I didn’t hear a thing for almost a week, the sight of dad doing one without the accompanying soundtrack had me cracking up with laughter.
Note to self. Laughing when you’re being sentenced to death by your father doesn’t go down well. :rofl:


I used a small latch plate (the L hook side) and two elastic bands to hold to bottom of drone (it avoided all sensors. Because the hook was L shaped the fishing line loop slid off all too easily…


I did this with a weather (Met) balloon - Action Man’s greatest hour? You can whizz to end of this documentary if you are impatient…


Now the BIG question is - will this suspend from beneath on fishing line. Off to check weights :wink:


I absolutely love this. I had a couple of different action men but they were never my favourite toy. Watching this I found myself wishing I’d kept them. Action man does water landing, night time incursion - the possibilities are endless.


Fantastic, had me gripped from start to finish, I had a lot of the things you showed in the first part of the film as well as the boat and field gun, I wish I still had them but sold it as a massive bundle when I started to learn to drive.


Action Man is still (just about) in shops online (this one which is a 50th anniversary edition, but out of production They are releasing some more before Christmas yet to be announced. Or there’s old ones on Ebay or in your mum’s loft still!

Must take this fella up too - what do you say?


Absolutely inspired!!! Formation sky diving next?