Advice for a new flyer, please

Mini 3 Pro- i am new to drones (RC helicopter before) and I have just bought a Mini 3 Pro and wondered what is the best YT or advice I can follow to first fly my drone as the info in the box is a bit limited

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Have a look at @ianinlondon

@Billbro added a link to ians yt channel to your post

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Apologise! It’s my first attempt to reach out on here so didn’t know what to do. Thanks for your help

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@Smithy4110 hi and you have a great drone in the mini 3 pro.
i often watch ianinlondon, robhk, windswept robert, nobbygreeen, tech drone media.
I think they are the main ones that give out great advice about drone flying and how to set them up for the flight

There’s plenty of YT videos out there. Go on YouTube and just search for DJI Mini 3 Pro. It’ll return hundreds of results.
For your first flights, I’d recommend finding a large open space ( no trees or buildings near ) Take it easy, perhaps putting it into cine mode first ( slows the drone down a bit) Easy Peasy, the mini3 P almost flies itself… have fun :wink::wink:

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Thanks much appreciated

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated :+1:

Hi Smithy, welcome to the forum! The Mini3Pro is an awesome piece of kit, got mine - my first drone - back in August, and have loved flying with it. I would also recommend Ian in London, really knows his stuff and presents in an easy to follow way. For me Cine Mode - then changing some of the settings to slow turns and feather movements to the max - works really well, it keeps movements slow, wi=hich makes video all the more cinematic.

Another thing to consider - assuming you are going to do video rather than just photography - is editing software, I recomment Da Vinci Resolve, it can be had for free, is system hungry, but gives lots of functionality for editing.

Good luck with the new drone, looking forwards to seeing your footage and pictures :slight_smile:

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This was the first thing I watched and it got me up and flying pretty quickly.

There’s loads of great stuff on YT. I’ve watched HOURS of it.

Thank you for your welcome and advice, it’s greatly appreciated.
I’m looking forward to my drone journey.

As soon as I’ve managed to create some half decent footage, I will share it with the group.


Don’t forget Kev @Smithy4110 there are plent of pepple on here with years of experience. Don’t be afraid to post a video and ask for us to rip it apart and tell you it’s rubbish. Or we can give you tailored advice to improve something you are not happy with. Everyone was a begginer at somepoint. None of us go out everytime and come back as think wow that footage is brilliant, we all have days where we get rubbish. The main key to any filming is planning.
Have i good idea of what you want to achieve before you even leave the house. That said some footage is just luck spur of the moment.


Thanks Steve, totally agree regards to planning, I have lots of ideas I just need to plan how to create them. I’m also into mountain biking so I would like to try and shoot some action videos. Watch this space :laughing:

I’m overwhelmed by the replies I have had so far with advice, TBH I didn’t think anyone would reply since my other forum experiences, so it’s appreciated.

So I wonder if anyone can help with this question (im sure it’s not the last) so I have the mini 3 pro and fly more kit, now im looking for a hard case other than the official DJi as it’s quite expensive. What are people using for there kit or do I have to spend on the DJi hard case

Thanks again :+1:

There’s a dedicated thread on that subject over here Kevin @Smithy4110

Feel free to give it a bump :slight_smile:

First off, welcome to the forum.
Another vote for Ian in London and Windswept Robert. Both have loads of good info while being easy to watch and understand.
If you haven’t taken tonthe skies yet, then imho, the best advice is to find somewhere open and quiet with no people or trees. Keep it close and just get a feel for for the sticks. Keep an eye on the battery, and return before you get battery low warnings. If there is a bit of wind fly away into it so you have it behind the drone on the way back.

Dont forget to have a look at Dronescene for places to fly and whether or not there are any restrictions in the area.

As for cases? Have a look here Back pack, rucksack, hard case and soft-case recommendations

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Awesome thanks, much appreciated

I found it helpful to also record the screen when learning (if you have the RC handset with build in screen there’s an SD card slot in the base). There is so much info going on on-screen that it can be overwhelming, and also if you encounter things like strong wind warning or RF interference you can go back and study where and when it happened. Plus you’ll quickly get to learn the best altitudes,
distances and speed for the shots you’re after.

I always recommend downloading and reading the manual, take the CAA test, then find a location that’s wide open and practise, cheers Len

Hi Smithy and welcome.
When I first got mine I was lucky to have already had a go a flying (thanks @milkmanchris)
I live near a large field and used cinematic mode to start with.
My only other bit of advice to to be wary of family “wanting a go”
When visiting my brother when I’d only had the drone a few weeks, he didn’t appreciate how sensitive the controls are and planted it in a tree.
Fortunately no damage was done.

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