Back pack, rucksack, hard case and soft-case recommendations

Any sugestions.
Im looking for a good quality backpack that can carry a Mavic Pro and Controller, along with 4 batteries, a Crystal Sky 7.85, and attachment, along with all chargers and cables,spars props, plus a small camera, and a Osmo Pocket and any other small items. And can be small enough for carry on luggage.

I bought this more than a year ago
It’s very practical and I’m delighted with it, but I suspect all your extras might be a squeeze
Though the front pockets are good for tablets, cables, hood, visors etc.

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I have found this brilliant as a general all round kit bag, fits most things in, including long lens if required and space for my MacBook Pro. I put all my gear in semi hard cases inside mine.

It also fits most airlines hand luggage regs.

Comes with a waterproof cover too.

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Hi Stevie
Thanks for the info I will take a look at it

You won’t go far wrong with this GPC back pack:


Hi Rich
thanks for the reply I will take a look at them all.

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Some great bags out there but in the end I decided to go with the Lowepro BP250 Drone Guard.!
Thanks for all your contributions.



That’s a nice backpack I use something similar for my Mavic Air that holds all my accessories, chargers, batteries etc

Good choice :+1:

Well have been using the GPC Hard case since last year and decided to get a rucksack type, first one foam was too hard and could not get it in with the polar Pro legs on, so researched a few and now have purchased the Lykus as so many options and is just perfect for me would definitely recommended to anyone, perfect fit with legs and storage galore And certainly lighter :+1:


I’ve just got this as a really good deal off amazon as my first rucksack style bag made for the pro series but I’m using it for my air 2 and I can fit so much in with space to spare.


I have the 250 version, great bag.


I’ve got that same Lykus bag for my MP1
It’s great, hold’s everything I need :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m after something that will hold 2 mavic 2s, 2 controllers, 4 batteries, ND filters, and possibly the landing pad, any ideas.

£49.99 for Lykus :+1:


Suitcase ?


@Mungmeister - Can I ask where you got the coloured rubber battery connector protectors ? Mine are all grey and I like the red/green variety.

Cannot remember to be honest, green for charged red for dead :+1: eBay I think

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Ebay :+1:

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