Advice need on warnings in flight

I was out with my Mavic Air this morning and had two warnings come up that I had not seein before.

The first was ‘ motor current error’. Twice in a few seconds and then not again. Not sure if it had anything to do with the weak signal or a change in wind speed, which did gust a little, but not a lot. This was over water so a little scary at the time…

The second was ‘mobile device CPU device fully loaded’. This was my second flight using my iPad Air. I did realise due to another warning that I had video cache on, which I don’t know the reason why as this is off with my iPhone. I am guessing it is a standard setting and I have now switched off. Not sure if this would be connected

Any advice appreciated (images from AirData)


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This is an app setting - device specific - not an Air setting. So needs to be set on each device you use if you need that setting off.

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My experience with the MP is motor current error can happen when flying in wind and sport mode.

As for the Air, if this was an isolated incident, has not happened before and it’s not directly after a firmware update I wouldn’t worry to much.

There was a bit of a fuss after a firmware update earlier in the year where people were repeatedly getting current errors.

As for the device issue.

I get the same message on IPad min 4 when mobile caching is on but thought your ipad Air might have had a little more grunt to cope with it.

What I do is close all apps before flight and switch off mobile caching.


Thanks Dave, thought that might be the case on this one

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Thanks Callum, I wasn’t in Sports mode but as I say, there wa some sudden gusts.

I remember the comments about the firmware update, and in fact have another pending. With my cameras I always update straight away, it from seeing comments on forums, it seems best to wait a while before updating drone software?

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It’s an original Air and I do have a lot of photography apps, so it may be a struggle. Good idea about switching off apps and mobile cashing off again!!

Thanks again

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The current error is just the flight controller detecting motor current has increased or spiked over the overload threshold.

It can be just a gust of wind where the props spin up quickly to hold position and current spikes triggering that warning.

I honest wouldn’t worry too much unless it was doing it repeatedly.

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Thanks, will post something later that caused more of a worry!!!

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Just been through the Go4 app on my iPad and found that a lot more of settings seem to be device specific and needed to be changed. All the pitch / yaw and gimbal settings that I had amended on the iPhone were factory settings and had to change on the iPad.

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Ah - good to know. Logical I guess … it means the drone does the same thing when it receives a certain signal … it’s the App/RC that send a different signal for the same control input.

Might have expected these to update the RC in some way, so I guess if one flies without a device (sometimes do when there’s minimal time to set up) the RC goes back to default.
I need to test this. (My “need to test this” list is getting long! :stuck_out_tongue: )

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