Advice on a certain location

I recently saw online a post showing an aerial shot of an allotments site, and I would also like to do this for the allotments where we have a plot too. The question is: how to approach this?

The location is this:
Kingston upon Thames KT2 5RN .

Technically, I could be in a spot, 50m away from the houses. I am planning to ask permission from the allotments people and the horticultural society that operates their shop within the allotments site. But before I do that, - what do you think? Can this work?
Not planning to have any monetary gains out of this, it’s just a nice to have picture in my portfolio, really.
I would like to find out what others are thinking - what’s your experience on this?
Thank you!

As long as it is not a no fly zone near the airport or something I’d just take the shot.

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the NATS app shows LONDON CTR area - see attached picture. that’s why I ask. It is away from the Airports zones. but says if operating - do with caution, etc.

Exact answer, do with caution, follow the code and all is good.


Don’t wish to be a kill joy, but since you did ask the question…

I know that there are often debates on what is and isn’t a ‘congested area’, but I think you’d be hard pressed to convince anybody that Kingston isn’t one. So your 50m really has to be 150m.

Also, whilst the allotment federation might be okay for you to do the flight, they can’t (in my very humble opinion) give permission on behalf of each of the allotment holders. Without that, the allotments aren’t under your control so I’d say you’re looking at flying at least 150m inside Richmond Park rather than 150m from the nearest building.

And then there’s Richmond Park…

All in all, I’d say you’ve got a few hurdles to overcome.

But, as I say, don’t wish to be a kill joy here and if you’re able to square this all in to a flight plan you’re happy with then it will certainly be a really interesting view of your allotment :slight_smile:


You don’t require permission from the allotment holders or shop for permission to fly or photograph, they don’t own or regulate the airspace. You may need permission to use their property for take off or landing, but my advice is to either take off away from them or give them some free copies of any photos for allowing you to take off.


Class D airspace won’t apply to you here.

Check this out:

The Heliroute is probably worth keeping an eye on.

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Looking at the link to Dronescene that Rich has shared (:point_up:) it looks like the bit of land immediately north of your allotments isn’t part of Richmond Park. That may be good news :slight_smile: