Advice on My Personal Traveling Experiences


My First experience was on a Cruise Ship to Canaries was stopped by British Onshore Security with my P3A, stopped me at the Security Checkpoint and was told that I would be able to pick up my drone on-board at the reception desk upon sailing.
A very nosey Jobsworth Public Relations Officer on board then left a note on my Cabin requesting to see me.
I went to his office (this was 2 days after leaving Southampton !)
and he asked me where I was going to fly it (told him that it was my affair where I care to fly it, but, it would not be from the ship !!)
The Donkey had (without being asked!) contacted EVERY port we were to call at and had asked the authorities about whether I would be allowed to fly my drone, I firmly believe he thought I was a commercial photographer !!.
The answer to all Islands he had contacted NOT ALLOWED. That put paid to that Canaries trip and I NEVER got the drone out of its case !.

Occasion 2:
Norway (on the same Cruise Ship “Balmoral”)
This was with the Mavic, I was NEVER stopped on all the occasions that I went ashore, which was at every port of call.
The Mavic even went through an X Ray each time I came back on board !!

Occasion 3 The Caribbean
Different Cruise Ship, same cruise line:
Flew from Gatwick to Bridgetown, Through security with no problems (ALL batteries at 20% in Fireproof Bags) Mavic also in Hand Luggage.
Straight through Airport Security with no problem !
I knew that Barbados had strict NO DRONE rules.
The other islands
Trinidad, Tobago, Grand Turk, etc no problem, flew on many occasions.

Occasion 4 The Cruise to Spitsbergen "Land of the Midnight Sun"
Balmoral Cruise Ship (Fred Olsen Cruise Line)
Same to report as occasion 2 !!
( but found that the Matra Di on board also was a drone Pilot )
Most cruise lines have strict rules on allowing drones on board.
I believe I am right in saying that they cannot stop you taking the drone on board, as it is a personal possession, but, may insist that it is kept in a secure place, and can be retrieved at each port visit, but on no account can you fly it on board AT ANY TIME !!


Im flying to France (skiing) end of the month. Flying from Manchester. Hope i get no problems, taking my mavic in hand luggage, 2 batteries in fireproof bags


British Airports are getting use to drones being taken through security, just be sensible and keep battery levels to 20 or under and in fireproof bags with battery terminals protected.
Check with your airline, to make sure they are ok with drones, etc on their planes.
I always carry my Mavic in my camera rucksack with the batteries.


Thanks for sharing @chrisjohnbaker - really informative post!

Sorry about the Canaries trip :cry:

Makes you wonder how many people have tried to fly their drone whilst on the ship?! :open_mouth:

Good call, I hadn’t thought of draining them first :+1:

Agreed - either tape over the terminals with electrical tape, or buy some of those cheap battery terminal covers from ebay for about ÂŁ1 each.

If you can show you’ve taken every reasonable precaution I don’t think you’ll have any problems at all heading to France @chrishackney1985 :+1:


Makes you wonder how many people have tried to fly their drone whilst on the ship?! :open_mouth:

Well it’s not quite the same, but the first drone I saw close-up in action was flown from a dive live-aboard boat (albeit quite a big one) last November. It was a Phantom, and the boat immediately split into two schools of thought - “wow” and “what a dick”. Sadly, my group of friends all seemed to be in the latter. The thing that stunned me at the time more than anything was how far away the thing could fly. He did get some good photos/footage of the boat and the limestone kast island scenery though


For my own tuppence-worth, I sailed through security at Heathrow Terminal 5, and coming home through Johannesburg - nobody at either airport or BA batted an eyelid, so I don’t think there’s much to worry about. That was with the Mavic, spare battery (in a fireproof case), GoPro, proper camera, lenses and all sorts of batteries.

Or something like that- other half must have been carrying something as well, though it didn’t feel like it!


After passing security, airline doesn’t check what you’re bringing on to the plane, do they?

I understand you’re not supposed to if they don’t allow it on the plane


I have never been checked after Security baggage checks,I have flown Ryanair, EasyJet, BA, Norwegian, Thompsons, and many others, none of which
I have had any problem with.
The security you pass through is normally run by the Airports themselves, not the Airline, I have never encountered an issue with my Mavic, just follow all the rules about batteries,fireproof bags,etc.
If you are asked to put your Hand Baggege in the hold at the gate,refuse and explain that you have Li Po batteries in you bag.
They should know these are not allowed in the hold, do not under any account allow them to be !.


Just as an addition to my first post.
I have flown Ryanair from Stansted to Geneva ,and picked a hire car up and driven to Lausanne, where I stayed in a Hotel beside Lake Geneva.
Loads of places to fly !!.
Driving up into the Mountains and getting air borne is a mind blowing experience !.
And again ,no problems at Stansted or on the return trip from Geneva.

I also flew to Sofia, Bulgaria (from Stansted), beautiful City !, and again loads of wide open spaces to fly in the Centre of Sofia.

And a few weeks ago I flew Norwegian Airlines to Helsinki (from Gatwick), Finland
(You need to watch out in the centre of Helsinki, as the have specific area where “NO DRONES ARE ALLOWED” near to all the Governmental Buildings
I went to a Fortress Island (Suemmenlinna…or sumat like that !!) only 15 mins ferry trip form the quayside, great place to fly with magical views of Helsinki !!.
I firmly believe that if your Mavic is put among your Camera Gear and has its props off, it will get mistaken for camera gear !.
I have a Canon camera bag and my Mavic sits very nicely beside the camera in the soft bag which I bought from DJI.
I keep my batteries in my Backpack with all the lens, etc.


That’s a very good point!

And even if alone, I think a Mavic with no props on it would draw less attention from security too… it’s all about the psychology eh :slight_smile: